Rehabilitation of roads: 188 billion CFA frs

Rehabilitation of roads in Cameroon

The African Developnent Bank has disbursed the sum of 188 billion cfa frs for the rehabilitation of roads.

This follows 2 Presidential decrees on August 31 ratifying the loan accord of 177 billion Cfa frs with the ADB and 10 Million Cfa frs with the African Development Fund for rehabilitation of roads.

The funds go for the partial financing of support projects for the transport sector.This second phase of the project will see the rehabilitation of the Yaounde- Baffoussam- Babadjou road, and the Grand Zambi – Kribi Road as well as the Bogis-Pous road.

120 billion CFA frs will be used to rehabilitate the 182 bad section of the Yaounde Babadjou road. The Babadjou- Bamenda road was target of the first phase of the transport sector project.

Rehabilitation of the Yaounde -Babadjou road would permit fluid movement from the nation’s capital to 2 regions of the country, the North West and West regions.

TheThe Kribi- Grand Zambi road on its part will take some 28 billion CfA frs. It is a 53km stretch on the Yaound- Olama-Kribi Road. The last road concerned with this funding, the Maroua-Bogo-Pous 63km road will take some 40 billion CfA frs. It is a project which falls within the government’s 3- year- emmergency plan.

Upcomming events that Cameroon will host like the Africa cup of Nations 2019 will bring along more roads for the population. Roads are needed to disenclave localities, open access to markets and create new opportunities for the people. Roads would also link the 3 corners of the national territory, fostering national integration and spuring growth.

It is clear the government gives priority to road construction given the numerous funding conventions signed in relation to them. The country’s development comes through a reliable network and government in its growth and employment strategic paper lays emphasis on road network development for Cameroon aiming at emergence by 2035.

For a while now the Minister of Public Works has been visiting road networks in the country to get first hand information on roads that need urgent attention and to better plan the transport sector project which seeks to provide tarred roads in the different localities of the country.

The Minister’s tour has taken him to the South West, North West and Northern part of the country already.
N. Medoung

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