Inundations in Yaounde. President Biya Orders for Emergency Measures

The Yaounde Urban Council alongside other associations are in the field to give the capital city a face-lift and free it from floods as prescribed by the Head of State.

Shawn-Nathan Epang

The fight against floods in downtown Yaoundé is far from over. Several measures are currently being taken by the Yaounde Urban Council, supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The development of the Mfoundi canal, whose realization is visible is giving hope to city dwellers.

From the New Bastos road to Brasseries, through the Multipurpose Sports Complex, the Bois Sainte Anastasie, the Mfoundi market, the Acropol and the Mvog Ada market, the canal now has a new look. On both sides, the space designed to channel the water are already completed.

Concrete rails have already been laid around the canal. “In front of the multi-purpose Sports Complex to the coal market in Mokolo, the work has already been done, all that remains is to widen the banks of four meters and asphalt them,” said Gérard Essi Ntoumba,

Coordinator of the Yaoundé Sanitation Project (Pady II). Concretely, the work is progressing, statistics from the Yaounde Urban Council indicate that 0.7 km of drainage built on the river Mfoundi (bridge of the station-SNI) has been done on 0.9 km envisaged; 1.9 km of canal on the Ekozoa River (new Bastos Road) for a planned 1.95 km; 1.4 km of canal on the Ewoue River (Mvog Ada- Bakery Acropole – Mfoundi market) for 1.8 km; 1.2 km of canal built on the river.

Generally speaking, the physical execution rate is currently 84 per cent for lot one and nearly 80 per cent for lot 2.

However, the canal is invaded by mud, grass and plastic waste. This prevents the water from circulating normally. On this note, the Government Delegate to the Yaounde Urban Council, under the auspices of the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, has called on several associations to ensure the cleaning of certain drainage systems that cuts across the city. Last Monday, it was at the Avenue Kennedy, Bois Sainte Anastasie that these young people with buckets and shovels were busy clearing the clogged drains.

Two Weeks To Clean the Drainage System

Meanwhile, following instructions from the President of the Republic, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Jean-Claude Mbwentchou has given the Yaounde Urban Council 14 days to act without delay to put an end to the distressing spectacle that Yaoundé’s city center offers after the rains.  Jean-Claude Mbwentchou in a meeting with various stakeholders reminded them of the urgency of the problem and invited each actor to get their hands on deck for a collegiate action with immediate results.

When it rains heavily, the Avenue Kennedy and Central Post Office Roundabout is submerged with runoff. Roads, sidewalks, cars are swallowed up, leaving sad and disturbing images that are beginning to be familiar to denizens.  Climate change has made rains more regular and intense which causes overflowing water. Human factor with poor habits of city dwellers who dump every dirt and garbage in the drainage and rivers is also to be blamed. The anarchical occupation of public space also seems to be a serious obstacle. All kinds of activities take place on the streets with each space exploited and occupied, including the drainage. All of these prevents the free flow of runoff thus leading to flooding.

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