Yaounde city council to ameliorate drainage system

The Yaounde City Council, following several embarrassing scenerios of flooding in Yaounde after heavy down pour, has joined forces with several associations to lead the fight against flooding through the construction of the Mfoundi Canal and is currently cleaning of gutters in the city. The physical progress rate of ongoing work is currently at more than 89% for lot 1 and over 85% for lot 2.

Wianeng Wanmbui

Flood control downtown Yaoundé will soon be complete. Several other measures are currently being taken by the city council supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. One of the main ones is the development of the Mfoundi Canal, whose realization is visible. From the Bastos neighbourhood to Brasseries, through the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex, to the Bois Sainte Anastasie, the Mfoundi market, and the surroundings of the Mvog Ada market are some of the areas impacted by the works. On both sides, the spaces designed to channel the water are already ready.

Concrete rails have already been laid around the canal. “From the front of the multipurpose Palace of Sports to the coal market in Mokolo, the work has already been done, all that remains is to widen the banks of four meters and asphalt them,” said Gérard Essi Ntoumba, Project Coordinator Yaoundé (Pady II). At the level of the municipal road, on the other hand, there is still to be done, no employee in the field, but the front of the party house has already been knocked down and suggests big buzzards.

Concretely, the work is progressing according to information provided by the city council. The physical progress rate is currently 84% for lot 1 and nearly 80% for lot 2. Though every seems perfectly well, a dark point comes to blacken the table of achievements which is the fact that the channel is invaded by mud, grasses and plastic waste.

This prevents the water from circulating normally. To this end, the government delegate to the Yaounde city council, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, under the authority of the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, has called on several associations to insure the cleaning of certain drains. Last Monday, it was at the Avenue Kennedy, Bois Sainte Anastasie that these young people with buckets and shovels were busy clearing the clogged drains along the streets.

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