Court To Establish Responsibility of Nine Apprehended MIDA Officials

The Minister of Communication who doubles as the government spokesperson, Issa Tchiroma Bakery on June 11, 2018 granted a press conference on the case of the illegal organization dubbed “Integration and Development Mission for Africa” (MIDA).

Emmanuel Ngota

During the press conference granted by Minister Issa Tchiroma in the presence of the Governor of the Centre Region and the Secretary General of the General Delegation for National Security, said the organization called the integration and development mission for Africa (MIDA) which its promoters presented it under several spoofed names such as the Africa commendery of the military and Hospitaller order of Saint John.

This dubious organization was operating under the pretext of first aid training and civic education. The promoters had in fact set up a fund raising scheme to collect money as from 12500cfa francs, with the promise of paying back the sum of 65000frscfa within a very short period of less than a month. According to the minister of communication to become a member, each applicant had to pay a miscellaneous fee of about 40.000frscfa. This subterfuge enabled the promoters of MIDA to collect substantial financial resources amounting to billions of cfa francs.

Mindful of the magnitude of the situation and in its sovereign duty to protect the populations, the government undertook to carry out investigations through an administrative investigation prescribed by the Head of State, President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

From the joint investigation carried out by the delegation for national security, the directorate of external relations and secretariat of state for the national gendarmerie, nine suspects were arrested and have today been presented to the prosecutor of the Mfoundi High Court.

The suspects included; Foe Amougou Albert Cedric, Administrator General of Mida, Essa’la Ntsama Patrict Alias Pen Coordinator of MIDA, Ntsama Amougou Marie Blanche who presented herself as a man working with a foundation based in Mbalmayo, Foe Louis Marie, who also introduce herself as a clergy woman, Nzoke Felicia Esmeralda Nicaise, MIDA, Communication Officer, Aponteu Ganwo Christelle, Secretary and Treasurer of MIDA, Zoe Ndo Samuel, Body Guard Of Mida Coordinator, Bayiha II Eric Arsène, Body Guard Of Treasurer and Mba Lah Henri, Vigilante.

Five other suspects according to Mr Issa Tchiroma are still at large, given that the administrative investigation is over, the government which, as it should be recalled, is in no way liable for this situation, has referred the case to the courts to establish the responsibility each and everyone and to lay down the conditions for restoring the respective rights of the subscribers.

In this vein, it should be recalled that the action of the government in this case is to accomplish its sovereign duty to protect the citizens and their property

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