Freedom of the press and activism: between loophole and ethical violation of the profession of journalism

Another hot weekend in Cameroon in the case of journalist Mimi Mefo Takombo, editor-in-chief at Equinoxe Tv and English-language radio, deported to New-Bell Prison on Wednesday, November 7 for false testimony and spread false news. President Paul Biya, in a gesture of appeasement, decided to stop the prosecution; a news that gave free rein to the most divergent emotions.

Peremptory declarations of Mimi Mefo Takombo recorded on several posts, in particular on his Facebook page at, Mim237 @ Mimimefo237-2j index unequivocally, that it is the Cameroonian army which would have killed the American missionary, Charles Truman Wesco, died in Bambui during an exchange of fire between the secessionists and the regular army, October 30, 2018. The first elements of investigation make it clear that this pastor died from shooting by terrorists who were ambushed on the right side of the road. The impact of lead shots taken from the right parietal part and the right cheek of the unfortunate person attesting to it without any doubt.

Subsequently, a communiqué from the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense investigated a thorough investigation that took place at the General Hospital of Yaoundé in the presence of Cameroonian and American lawyers. Although the official findings of this investigation are not yet known, reliable sources have indicated that it has been established that these are lead shots fired from 12 gauge, which are known to be used exclusively by the terrorists, who caused the death of the pastor, even if some indulge in wanting to blame the defense forces for the death. We do not understand why the controversy swells. The terrorists that day at ten o’clock had attacked the brigade of the territorial gendarmerie and the university complex from the Four Conners junction. The response posture of the Cameroonian army was therefore quite legitimate, and even in the case of a mistake by the Cameroonian army, there would be only a regrettable collateral loss, and it is not the powers Westerners who could give lessons in surgical strikes, they who blindly bomb targets often turning into slaughters for women and children. In any case, information supports that the terrorists had perfectly identified the pastor, to adjust it later. Moreover, the activist Eric Tataw, resident in the United States welcomed it. This desire to bring the cap of crime to the Cameroonian army, with the surreptitious assistance of the very agitated US ambassador, Peter Henri Barlerin, seems to be in line with a campaign of blackening of Cameroon by all ways.

According to reliable sources, the defense forces seemed to be really irritated by this accusation, especially since the presence of this pastor was beginning to be cumbersome, especially with a large family which was in fact an interesting bait for the secessionist terrorists who seem to have opted for a modus operandi of kidnappings and ransom demands. These same terrorists had been considered by certain Western chancelleries, it will be remembered, as being only mere political activists, with whom a legitimate State could conduct negotiations; terrorists with their hands covered with the blood of the people and elements of the defense forces. The defense forces felt insulted by the post of this journalist who spread very quickly, with the prospect, additional seizures in the relations between Yaounde and Washington, quite deleterious lately, because of the repeated interference of the American ambassador in the internal affairs of Cameroon, anything that is unacceptable.

The Cameroonian head of state, ordering the prosecution of Mimi Mefo Takombo, as he did for the benefit of more than sixty agitators who had broken everything during a civic disobedience in Northwestern and Southwestern regions, only wanted to demonstrate that he is a man of peace and dialogue. It did not help much. Moreover, this morning, Mimi Mefo continued her work of denouncing the State and its institutions in a South African chain. Has freedom of expression become an irresponsible libertinage, or free boasting? The processing of information requires balance, verification of evidence, and compliance with the laws in force, especially at this time, those relating to terrorism. The fault of this unjustified zeal perhaps comes from those who give the orders, often carpeted in unsuspected spheres.

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