Government Fight against Fiscal Stamp Fraud

The reluctance of citizens to clue in public offices in practicing illegal activities to the detriment of the national economy.


It is one of the talking points of the fight against fraud in Cameroon. Two young men arrested in Yaounde with a bag of counterfeit fiscal stamps. The boys been identified as sellers of fake stamps were reportedly hired by a student in Bonamoussadi, a well-known neighborhood near the university of Yaounde 1, mainly for the illegal activities that flourish over there. Far from discouraging those who are mastering the illegal activity, the selling of false stamps continues around court rooms and offices of civil administrators such as Governors, SDOs, DOs, and even police stations.  Claiming to help all those who are in need to certification or the production of official documents, these people continue their illegal job taking advantage of the lack of vigilance on the part of applicants some stamp sellers and other salesmen posted around the public units regularly visited by candidates.

Rather than seeing the amount of FCFA 1,000 written on these stamps, one could read 0000. This practice consists of making the unsuspecting applicants have been stamped using the official price and funneling the money away from the state’s coffers. Based on several consistent testimonies many potential civil servants have already fallen prey of these scammers. Indeed, we can note on the various exams for the public service had their applications rejected, because they carried fake stamps. One of which said anonymously “they falsify even the official blue and red ink stamps and signatures. There as a time I gave my documents to an intermediary, who went away and returned with pretentiously entering the court premises as the others do “he said.

Not so far in memory a fiscal stamps network has been dismantle in Garoua, the chief city in the North region of the country. Cameroon intelligence report learned that the criminal schemes of the gang were uncovered following cooperation between the regional service of taxation department and the North police. Police sources say the fake stamps were manufactured in small quantities and sold to young candidates for official examinations and for jobs application formalities. The government is currently developing tougher sanctions and penalties for retailers engaging in stamp fraud, they are also taking steps to make sure people disqualified for illegal activity would not be able to use that same activity anywhere on the national territory.  However concrete actions undertaken by the government to put off the fake stamps circuit. The members of the group are currently in police drag net.

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