Law: Cameroon Bar Association Punishes Fraud

On July 3, 2018, the last session of the Council of the Bar Association issued a press release, in which the Disciplinary Board examined 34 cases that concerned cases of fraud. According to the Kalara weekly of Monday, July 9, 2018, the court struck out eight trainee lawyers and made two reminders to the order.

Emmanuel NGOTA

Among the struck off are Bengono Armand Didier, Bobga Keneth, Tche Napoleon Che, Famnewk and Mr. Foyet are removed from the order of the lawyers for false diplomas. The continuation of the debates concerning nine files is postponed to August 25th. In the process, the two lawyers who had filed degrees not corresponding to the license in law, will hang up their dresses, decided the Council, which retained the incompatibility to continue their internship.
The weekly also indicates that four cases under advisement are those of the leaders of the movement to contest the results of the examination of end of training of lawyers published by an order signed on April 2, 2018 by the Minister of Justice, Guard Seals, Laurent Esso. In fact, the unfortunate candidates had collectively constituted these indignados, because they considered that the results of the end-of-probation examinations of lawyers published by the Ministry of Justice were only the result of favoritism and clientelism.

At the same time, legal proceedings are being launched in the courts for the annulment of the results decried, in addition to having organized a sit-in before the Ministry of Justice, disrupting the activities of the Bar. And in the face of these multiple gaps, the leaders of the Bar Association had announced strong sanctions against these trainee lawyers, accused of recalcitrant.
In addition, it should be noted that the mandates of the representatives of all the organs have expired since January 31, 2017. For this, the general assembly reiterated its position by affirming the inconvenience of the convening of these assizes with regard to the situation socio-political and security crossing in Cameroon.

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