2018 Presidential election. Communal Liberalism: Garoua Populace Scrambles for Copy

The new edition was presented on the 25th of September in the regional capital of the North Region, Garoua.

Emmanuel NGOTA

Just two days after the launch of the official campaign for the upcoming presidential election, the presentation of the reissued version of President Paul Biya’s book “Pour le liberalism communautaire” had a particular flavour. “Extra ammunition” in the arduous election campaign, we hear will blow one of the many CPDM militants, came to soak up the strong lines and get the book, in the village hall of Garoua.

As the Minister of Arts and Culture (MINAC), Professor Mouelle Kombi, who presided over the book launch ceremony stressed on the fact that, the correlation between the thought of the work of the president and the profession of faith of candidate Biya , notes a consistency and coherence that does not breakdown this work during this period of campaign.
And to convince the audience, the book will be dissected through seven presentations, presenting sector by sector the vision of the Head of State, but especially how he has since translated these ideas into facts and concrete actions.

From the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary, on the declensions of this political vision in the government policy implemented, the Minister of Basic Education Mrs. Youssouf Hadidja Alim of Basic education, through the social domain presented by Senator Pierrette Hayatou, economic achievements reiterated by the Honourable Mamouda Ali, social justice by Jean Paul Mbia, or the cultural component developed by Dr. Asheri Kilo, all the speakers put forward both the height of view and the humanism that characterize the political thought of President Paul Biya, but also the inexhaustible voluntarism that he puts for 30 years, to turn these ideas into palpable achievements for the daily well-being of Cameroonians.

On his part Professor Mouelle Kombi highlighted the fact that this master piece by the “Force of Experience” should be a bedside book of all, and will obviously serve as a handbook after the October 7 election and for the wellbeing of generations yet unborn. In this vein, the various speaker through their eloquence thrilled the populace of Garoua who was left with nothing than to clamor for this handbook which they think it is free gift of intelligence and a life success.

The populace of Garoua who are bracing up to pledge their support for the CPDM candidate come the D day will draw inspiration from this book offered on a Plata of gold as they will discover a significant contribution to the debate on poverty alleviation in Cameroon, the country’s stalled transition to democratic governance, identity and citizenship and the equitable allocation of resources. The Leadership Challenge in Africa contains the refreshing, rigorous, and informative analysis of the Biya regime, opposition politics, as well as the Anglophone problem and provides practical strategies to enhance peaceful co-existence and sustainable development in the country. It emphasizes the importance of enfranchising the Cameroonian people and providing them with the facilities to determine how they want to be governed and how their resources should be allocated.

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