A Public Contract Road Instituted by President Biya to Ensure Efficiency

A new public contract code to ensure palpable results in the award and execution of public contract has been signed by the president. According to the decree signed some few days ago, henceforth projects carry out by public institutions, semi public establishments and other related institutions are expected to be well executed and on time.


The public contract sector in recent time has been characterized by corruption and embezzlement of funds destined for the execution of public contract in the country. It is for this reason that the president of the republic PAUL BIYA recently signed a decree instituting online application and award of public contracts. The new public contract code clearly states the rules applicable to the preparation, award, execution, control and regulations of public contracts in Cameroon. The Cameroon online procurements system to award public contracts avoid or eradicate corruption in the public sector, enhanced transparency, trust and reduced bureaucracy. Article 170 makes provision for bidder who feels cheated during the contract award procedure to file a petition concerning the stage of the procedure either to the contracting authority assigned and must contain the facts or violations of the contract and must be submitted 14 days before the of the opening of the tender files.

The new public contract code equally clearly states the rules applicable to the preparation, award, execution, control and regulation of the public contract sector which is noted for very poor execution of projects. This because of the corrupt practices, favoritism embezzlement is very rive in the sector. The head of state in the decree has promised hard times to defaulters and those who fail to execute public contracts for the interest of the common Cameroonians. Cameroonians have been expressing satisfaction and appreciation to the presidential decree which is going to ensure the basic amenities like pipe  born water, good roads infrastructure and health facilities are provided free of charge to the common in Cameroon. It is worthy to know that the new public contract code to ensure efficiency and output in the public contract sector will be supervised by the minister of public contract in Cameroon whose minister is attached to the president of the republic. Firm instructions have been by the head state to ensure its application as from January 1st 2019. Before this presidential decree instructing the online award of public contracts in Cameroon, the award and execution of public contracts was solely carried out by the ministry of the economy programing and regional development. But with the decree signed by President Paul Biya directly place the management of public contracts to the minister directly concerned. It is hoped that the numerous cases of abandonedprojects and poor execution coupled with embezzlement will greatly reduce.

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