Ebebda Renews Confidence in President Paul Biya

The people of Ebebda in the Lekie division have praised and thanked the almighty for inspiring President Paul Biya to appoint one of theirs Felix Zogo as secretary general at the ministry of communication. In a special thanks giving mass and political conclave, members of the elites, cabinet, minister and traditional authorities renew the commitment for candidate Paul Biya on October 7th.

Johnson ETAPE

The playground of the government primary school Ebebda was spacious enough comfortably to accommodate the crowd that turned out as earlier as 9am to attend the dual ceremony. A Eucharistic celebration for the appointment of a proud son of the land Felix Zogo as secretary general in the ministry of communication and also a political meeting to applaud him through which that wish was accomplished by Paul Biya. The special thanksgiving mass attended by the elites, members of government among them the minister of communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary and the minister of higher education Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo and officiated by the Bishop Emeritus of the Mbalmayo diocese lordship Endelbert Nzana was punctuated by a scriptural reading and prayers said for the new secretary general.

Request for heavenly blessings, wisdom, vigilance, and protection from evil, Ever so present at the work place and the facilitator of the appointment was not left out as Bishop Endelbert Nzana and devoted Christians prayed for good health, long life and wisdom for president Biya. The closing remark was surrounded by other celebrations at a political meeting also attended by the head of the CPDM permanent delegation to the Lekie division minister Henri EyebeAyissi, members of parliament. Speechless from the mayor of Ebebda, representatives of members of the elites and a dear friend of the new secretary general Felix Zogo all extolled his qualities of high level of ethnic, discipline and professional ism calling on him to count on their full support.

Appreciating such overflow of love and devotion, Prof Felix Zogo qualified his promotion as a wake of a new deal promised to discharge his duty whole heartedly and contribute his quota to furthering the policies of the National President of the CPDM Paul Bya whom to him remain the best choice. A position supported by the head of the CPDM central committee delegation to the Lekie Henri Eyebe Ayissi who did not only call for complete mobilization for candidate Paul Biya campaign but also led a support March in favor of president Paul Biya in Ebebda promising a 100 percent victory for him. At the close of the thanksgiving mass and support march, the traditional rulers of Ebebda all poured libation to Felix Zogo wishing him the best in the discharge of its duty as secretary general at the ministry of communication.

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