Men of God Pray for President Paul Biya

The inter-religious service was meant to pray for the President of the Republic and for Peace to reign in Cameroon.

Cynthia EFOPA

An inter-religious church service was organized at the Mary Queen of the Apostles Minor Basilica in Yaounde on November 9th 2018, to pray for President Paul Biya and his family to better rule Cameroon during this new seven-year term that he has placed under “Greater Opportunities”

President Paul Biya was represented during the service by the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seal, Laurent Esso. The service comes three days after President Paul Biya was sworn-in by the President of the National Assembly.

In his homily, the presiding priest, the Yaounde Metropolitan Archbishop, Jean Mbarga, called on all Cameroonians to assist the President of the Republic to make Cameroon a peaceful nation. He said the inter-religious service that brought together the Protestants, Orthodox Catholic, Muslims, Pentecostals and Christians from other denominations is meant to pray so that God might create a loving bond between Cameroon and Himself, especially at this moment that Cameroon is pressed with security challenges.

The service was marked by the presence of a choir of 30 children, each less than 10 years’ old who came from the Diocese of Obala. Their magnificent voices, their innocent behavior and the love with which they chanted the hymns could not leave anyone indifferent. The Bible says, the voices of little children are like scent of roses to the heavenly father. There is therefore, no doubts that their lamentations that focused on the begging of peace for a united and prosperous Cameroon will surely reach the Gates of Heaven for God to act in His power and might to retrieve Cameroon from bloodshed.

Reverend Emmanuel Massock, Parish Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Bastos, reiterated that a blessed nation is the one where God is the Lord. “Everyone must become an instrument of peace wherever, for it is the collective effort of everyone that brings peace to the nation”. Cheikh Oumarou Malam, imam, on his part invited all Cameroonians to pray for peace, prosperity, unity and reconciliation through dialogue. For development can only take place in a peaceful environment, he added.

Leadership comes from God and it is a daunting task that warrants God presence at all times. Drawing inspirations from the different biblical verses and the Koran, the men of God were satisfied to have gathered all God’s children under His roof to beg for pardon and reconciliation and to open a new page of love for one another.

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