Paul Biya. A Holistic and Visionary Leader Since 1982

History is like a mirror that offers humanity the opportunity to look back to the evolution of happenings or events within a particular society or country. The coming to power of H.E. President Paul Biya, on the 6th of November 1982, was greeted with a lot of euphoria across the national territory of Cameroon not only because he was young and energetic but because his arrival at the helm of the State, was pregnant with hopes and aspirations for a new beginning.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

36 years down memory lane, Cameroonians can look back into the mirror of history with pride and confidence that indeed God raised a holistic leader in the modest person of President Paul Biya because for sure, he has stood up to the challenge of piloting the affairs of a very demanding country like Cameroon, with tact and wisdom, that can only be compared to the leadership of Moses who the Almighty God empowered purposely for the liberation of the children OF Israel from captivity in Egypt.
Religious tolerance is a reality in Cameroon. President Paul Biya has offered a free society in Cameroon where people have the laxity to freely associate and to belong in any religious movement of their choice. No religion movement in Cameroon has preference over another no doubt Cameroon is void of inter religious conflicts. As a holistic leader, he has also given women the pride of place in his administration. More women are now found in administrative positions in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary arms of government and from every indication, the number is rising every passing year.
Since his coming to power, he has led more inclusive governments than his predecessor. His governments have always respected the socio-cultural composition of our country. No ethnic group is left out in the division of the national cake reason why Cameroon has always been an oasis of peace within a trouble sub region until this period when a small group of people are disturbing the peace of this land of glory.
Still under his policy of inclusiveness, President Paul Biya, has made education the corner stone of his administration. Today in Cameroon, every village has a school to avoid the tendency that some children will be educated while others will be lagging behind. The entrance into prestigious higher institutions of training, has always respected regional balance, the entrance of young people in our security units, has always respected regional balance, infrastructural development has always respected regional balance. President Paul Biya has always given a hand to opposition parties to be part of the government because as a true democrat, he believes they have divergent views on how to solve national problems but they all have the love of country which is supreme.
Before he assumed the highest office of the land, Cameroonians were ruled with an iron hand. Nobody had the courage or the gods to criticize the actions of the former President whether they   were right or wrong but with the coming of the Prince of Peace, President Paul Biya, the wind of change spread all over Cameroon like a wild fire. Under his regime, the press has become more liberal and vocal reason why we have them coming up every day with tough headlines with a greater percentage dedicated on the actions of the Head of State.
President Paul Biya is a visionary leader who has the interest of Cameroonians at heart irrespective of their ethnic, political affiliation or religious beliefs. It is thus very clear that he is still the right man with the most reliable formula to rule over this country blessed with over 250 ethnic groups.

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