Presidential 2018. Paul Biya, Belabo’s Presidential Candidate

Activists and supporters of the Cameroon people’s Democratic Party championed a meeting last Sunday august 12, 2018 in order to champion their support to President Paul Biya as their trust worthy candidate for the October 7 rendez-vous.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The Lom and Djerem division was in a festive mood in the course of the week as militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Party CPDM in the locality Belabo came out in their numbers to rally their support to the Head of State and President Republic Paul Biyafor the forth coming presidential elections slated for October 7, 2018.

The population of this locality under the coordination of the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE, promised a 100% vote in this election. They reaffirmed their ambition during the fraternal and family meetings which brought together government elite of the Eastern Region.

Among the government elite present to pledge their support to the promoter of peace and national integration were, Armand Ndjodom, Secretary of State to the Minister of Public Works, in charge of Roads; The Honorable Kombo Gbéri, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Charles Salé, Senator, and Jacques Philippe Bertoua, Member of the Departmental Delegation of the CPDM Central Committee, took part in the meeting.

As a local political leader, Senator Charles Sale has, in essence, set the course by magnifying the achievements garnered under the leadership of President Paul Biya. Belabo benefits from several investments. This is notably the case of the paved road linking this political unit to the capital of the region of the rising sun (80km), the passage of the railroad that has an impact on the population and the Lom Pangar dam, located in this council.An infrastructure that plays its role since it was commissioned as a water regulator in the dry season. This dam will provide additional power to 150 localities in the East. In a style imaged, which is unique to him, the former minister emphasized that it is with Paul Biya that Cameroon will experience other great victories in the years to come. As a statesman with experience he is the right choice, it’s our choice Senator Charles Sale added.

On her part, Senator Marlyse Aboui of the Alliance National Democratic Party in coalition with the Cameroon people’s Democratic Party made known that the man of November 6, 1982 remains the man of the situation. Minister Joseph LE was pleased to see that all the forces are working to keep the party’s flame onand especially, that of the candidate Paul Biya. Addressing topics such as jobs and access to the public service, Minister Joseph LE said it is a daunting task no doubt but with the measures put in place by the head of state, recruitment into the public service has become easy as before.

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