2018 Presidential Election. Another Coalition of Youth Associations Backs Paul Biya’s Candidacy

The over 50 youth associations converged on the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education on Thursday where they handed their motion of support to Minister Mounouna Foutsou for onward transmission to the Head of State, Paul Biya.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

As the October 7 presidential election rendezvous draws near, several actors are declaring their support for one candidate or the other. Thursday September 13, marked another significant moment in the race for the presidency as a coalition of over 50 youth associations jammed the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education to declare theory unflinching support for President Paul Biya ahead of the October 7 presidential poll.  The youth associations constitute young people from different backgrounds notably taxi drivers, motor-taxi associations, students, buyam-sellams amongst others. Only one item is on their agenda “unconditional support to President ¨Paul Biya.

According to the spokesperson of the coalition, Olivier Etoundi Nga, the youths grouped under the banner of “Young Republican Patriots are poised to support the policies and vision of President Paul Biya in making Cameroon an emergent nation. To the youths, President Paul Biya needs to be given another mandate to enable him complete his societal projects.  The youths who were received by Minister Mounouna Foutsou say they are against all enemies of the republic who wants to destabilise and divide the country. Thus, they have promised to use their mobilisation prowess to bring more youths on-board the republican train. They announced the mobilisation of over 10,000 youths for a mega meeting in view of declaring their support for President Paul Biya.

The coalition is relying on the massive mobilisation of motor-taxi coalition which has assured total mobilisation across the nation. Their National President, Bertin Mathieu Fodjeu noted that motor-cyclist counts over 600 associations across the country. He said they had launched a campaign last year for their members to register on the electoral list and collect their voters’ cards so as to effectively vote on polling day. Fodjeu says the members are being sensitised to vote for President Paul Biya so that the objectives be attained on October 7.

The youths are not only rejoicing for the special attention given to them by President Paul Biya since taking over the supreme magistracy of the country but are also optimistic that his vision still has a lot in stock for the youths. The Three-year special youth plan is one of the recent projects the government of President Paul Biya created to ensure economic emancipation of the youths. As Gabrielle Menye, a community mobiliser noted, they are heartily in support of President Paul Biya because he has given the youths more opportunities to be better persons in the society.

It should be noted that “Young Republican Patriots,” a coalition of over 50 youth associations are adding their voice to other youth groups that has earlier declared their support for President Paul Biya. Another group of youth associations advanced some 50 reasons why President Paul Biya should continue leading Cameroon, citing peace, stability and economic growth as hallmarks of his stewardship.

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