2018 Presidential Election. Cameroonians Anxiously Looking on President Paul Biya to Answer the People’s Call

There has been nationwide calls for the incumbent, President Paul Biya to present his candidacy in the October 7, Presidential poll even before the electorate was convened. President Biya is yet to respond to the national calls and the anxiety of his numerous supporters is mounting as the deadline for submission of candidacy to Elections Cameroon narrow.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Political debates in most part of 2017 in Cameroon was partially on this year’s presidential election. While members, supporters and sympathisers of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) started the outpour of calls for their National President, Paul Biya to stand for the upcoming Presidential Election, others especially in the opposition were quick to criticise the move stating that the calls are uncalled for. Some even argued that it was too early to be talking about the presidential election.

CPDM’s Communication Secretary, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, who is also the Minister of Higher Education stated in an interview with the national bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune, that nothing is ever too early in politics. He said it is part of political marketing and the CPDM has adopted it to show the attachment of the supporters to the national president.

Several calls for President Paul Biya to be candidate in the upcoming presidential poll began pouring in since last year and have increased in magnitude and content since the start of this year. Cameroonians from all strata of society, have expressed their wish to have President Paul Biya at the helm of State affairs for the next seven years. Be it from youth groups, women, men, civil society organisations, opposition politicians, traditional rulers and cultural groups have taken turns to call on the Head of State to be candidate in the next Presidential election.

Motions of support from these aforementioned groups of people have celebrated President Paul Biya’s leadership and his development vision for Cameroon. Youths in the Mifi Division in the West Region for example, in their motion of support saluted the clairvoyance of the Head of State in his constant pursuit of social dialogue and the preservation of national integration and unity. They expressed gratitude for the social inclusion of youth in the Head of State’s development agenda especially with the launching of FCFA 102 billion Special Youth Emergency Plan by the Head of State, which is aimed at socio-economic integration of the youth into the society.

Almost all the motion of supports addressed to the Head of State, hailed the initiation of several development projects ongoing or completed with the aim of transforming Cameroon into an emergent nation. The tactful handling of the Boko Haram terrorist attacks and the current socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions and many more diplomatic victories at the international scene, has made Paul Biya, then people’s choice. Thus, with the convening of the electorate, Cameroonians of all walks of life and anxiously looking on President Paul Biya with hope, to present his candidacy in the days ahead.

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