2018 Presidential Election. Paul Biya Accepts the People’s Call

The incumbent declared his candidacy in response to the people’s call on July 13 on his twitter account. Presidential polls are billed for October 7, 2018.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

President Paul Biya, incumbent President of the Republic will be his party’s flag bearer in the upcoming Presidential Election. The CPDM party National President declared his candidacy in the morning of July 13 on his twitter account.  “Dear compatriots in Cameroon and the Diaspora, aware of the challenges we must take up together to ensure a more united, stable and prosperous Cameroon, I am willing to respond positively to your overwhelming calls. I will stand as your candidate in the upcoming presidential election,” President Biya twitted.

By declaring his candidacy, President Paul Biya like a true leader has heeded to the call of his people who have been calling him to continue steering the ship to emergence. Calls for President Paul Biya to present his candidacy begun pouring in last year from supporters of the ruling party, traditional rulers, and civil society organisation as well as opposition political parties.

It was therefore a moment of relief for many when President Paul Biya took to the social media, Twitter to announce his candidacy in response to the numerous motions requesting his candidacy by Cameroonians. His announcement was very concise and precise and pregnant of meaning. It demonstrated a sense of care and concern for the nation. Judging from the present challenges that the country is presently confronted with, notably the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions where armed separatist are threatening the unity and peace of the hitherto peace haven in a turbulent Central Africa Region, the Boko Haram insurgency in the Far North, the organisation of the 2019 African Cup of Nations as well as the Three-year Economic and Financial Programme supported by the International Monetary Fund, IMF. The completion of projects under the Three-year Emergency Plan as well as the Special Youth Plan is also not underrated. Taking these challenges into consideration, President Paul Biya thus accepts to serve the nation for another seven years with dedicated and loyalty as he has done for the past decades not only as the President of the Republic but also as a senior government functionary that he was before ascending to the supreme magistracy of the country in 1982.

The challenges of consolidating Cameroon’s unity, stability and prosperity are to say the least more daunting and it takes the experience of the man considered as the “wise man” of Africa to handle the present situation. Allowing the country in the hands of novices or adventurers at this crucial moment is tantamount to betrayal of a people. This, President Biya understands so well reason he has positively responded to the overwhelming calls of Cameroonians to continue leading Cameroon into emergence and united more than ever before.

His declaration on social media also tells of a leader who identifies with technological evolution and has been doing a lot to encourage Cameroonians especially youth to embrace ICTs and use it for positive development. His official Facebook page has been awash with comments most of which are thankful to President Paul Biya for heeding to the people’s call and at the same time pledging their unalloyed support for his presidential bid.

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