2018 Presidential election: Paul Biya announces his candidacy

It was via his official Twitter account that Cameroon’s current Head of State announced he is seeking another term in office. In so doing, he broke from the traditional way of entering the race.
“Dear compatriots in Cameroon and the Diaspora: Aware of the challenges we must take up together to ensure a more united, stable and prosperous Cameroon, I am willing to respond positively to your overwhelming calls. I will stand as your candidate in the upcoming presidential election,” posted Paul Biya on @PR_Paul_BIYA.

This announcement had been anticipated since the executive decree issued last July 9 that convened the electorate to the polls on October 7, 2018. The other presidential hopefuls include Maurice Kamto of the Mouvement pour la Renaissance du Cameroun (MRC); Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front (SDF); and Akere Muna of the Front Populaire pour le Développement (FPD).

Those wishing to fill the nation’s highest office have until July 19, 2018 to declare their candidacy.

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  1. Pour le moment il a le droit de déclarer sa candidature parce que tout ce qui se pressante sont à la pointe de vandre notre pays à cinq Franc ils ont la politique des poches et non pour le peuple

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