2018 Presidential Election: Traditional Rulers of the East Region Choose Paul Biya

Gathering in the East Regional Capital, Bertoua last Friday June 8, the custodians of the tradition in the presence of elites of the region, reaffirmed their support to the Head of State, Paul Biya and institutions he incarnates. The chiefs in their motion of support to President Paul Biya urged him to be their candidate in the upcoming presidential poll.

Shawn-Nathan Epang

In the spirit of the traditional rulers of the East Region, there is no prevarication. The best choice for the upcoming presidential election, the only one suitable for the position, lies in the person of the Head of State, Paul Biya. Their position was reaffirmed at a support meeting held recently in Bertoua, the regional capital of the East.

“It is hightime, when our country is going to tackle an important page in its history, with the advent of upcoming presidential election. It is appropriate for us to give our point of view on the socio-political progress of the country and what we want our country to be like in the future. Our wish is that the one who has led us so far in peace, tolerance and thanks to whom we have acquired the many victories that everyone knows, continues to guide us. Hence the call for President Biya’s candidacy, “says His Royal Highness Balla, First   Class Chief of Maka Mbouamsz and Coordinator of Traditional Rulers of the East Region. He was speaking in a support rally for President Paul Biya that took place in Bertoua in the presence of prominent elites like the Minister of Public Service an Administrative Reforms, Joseph Le, the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport in charge of Roads, Armand Djodom and the regional administration led by Governor Grégoire Mvongo.

A meeting ended with a support march with the traditional leaders taking the opportunity to hand over their motion of support to the Head of State to the East Governor, Grégoire Mvongo, for onward transmission to the President of the Republic. The custodians of the tradition in their motion of support saluted measures taken by the Head of State in the education and judiciary sectors in view of resolving concerns that were raised by the Anglophone teachers and Lawyers as well as the creation of the National Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.  While strongly condemning acts of barbarism and violence perpetrated by armed secessionists in the North West and South West Regions, the traditional rulers expressed their firm attachment to the ideals of peace, stability, social justice, national unity and integration as well as the promotion of living together cherished by the Head of State. The traditional authorities have also expressed gratitude to several development projects carried out by President Paul Biya in the East and the appointment of sons and daughters in top government position.

“This meeting is a good example of communion and living together. We must mobilize our energies and the available means so that in the 2018 presidential election should record a resounding success,” said Joseph Le, an elite of the East Region and Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reforms. While praising the initiative of the traditional rulers, the Minister called on them to reach out to the populations so as to intensify registration on the voters’ list by potential voters. This, he said, is to guarantee the victory of President Paul Biya when the times comes.

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