2018 Presidential Elections. Journalist Calls boycott of Garga Haman Campaigns

The Presidential candidate for the Alliance for Democracy and Development is assumed to have committed a gruesome act by chasing a journalist out of studio in a live program broadcast on the Cameroon Radio Television.

Cynthia EFOPA      

“National Trade Union of Cameroonian Journalists, SNJA has called on all journalists to boycott any event where ADD Presidential candidate, Garga Haman Adji is present until he apologizes to CRTV journalist, Cathy Toulou for chasing her out of studio Tuesday like a dog”. This is just one of the messages circulating on social media platforms to stop journalists from covering all political activities carried out by the incumbent presidential candidate Garga Haman of the Alliance for Democracy and Development.

According to many sources, during a political program titled ‘Le grand debat’, broadcast at prime time on the Cameroon Radio Television and presented by Aime Robert Bihina, Garga Haman Adji who was one of the invitees, obliged the presenter of the program to chase away from the studio Catherine Toulou Elanga, who is equally a journalist working for the CRTV. This action of his has ignited much writing in the press from a cross section of the masses who firmly condemns the act which they term as uncivilized and barbaric especially for an individual who hopes to be the president of Cameroon after the 7th October Presidential elections.

Media practitioners on their part, did not welcome this abrasive act from the candidate as they used their different medium to grossly decry the practice. Martin Camus Mimb of Radio Sport International on his Facebook account wrote “ayez honte de vous M. Garga!” simply translated as be ashamed of yourself Mr Garga. The content of the article harshly demonstrated how remote and cowardice the presidential candidate comported and how mean he portrays himself especially in respecting women. Another journalist, Jean Lambert Nang corroborated by describing Garga Haman as a typical example of men who instill gender base violence against women, a behavior he qualified as typical of his origin, the Peulhs clan, for they believe the woman is just a sex object. Journalists pulled their thoughts further, as they think his act is equally an attack to freedom of the press. In this light, the National Audiovisual Syndicate for Cameroon published a press release calling on Elections Cameroon, the Constitutional Council, the National Communication Council, the Minister of Communication and the management of CRTV on this gruesome act of a presidential candidate at a time of total press freedom.

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