2018 Presidential Elections. Nyong And Mfoumou Reaffirms Unflinching Support To President Paul Biya

CPDM supporters and sympathizers in the Nyoung and Mfoumou division have reaffirmed their unflinching support to President PAUL BIYA, for heeding to their numerous courses to stand as a candidate in the October 7th presidential elections. This call was made at Endom during the series of meetings chaired by the head of the CPDM permanent delegation in the Nyoung and Mfoumou division, Prof ROBERT NKILI.

Johnson ETAPE

After KOBDOMBO, MENGANG and AYOS, the CPDM militants and sympathizers in the Nyoung and Mfoumou division all converge in Endom to express gratitude to the nation chairman of their party, PAUL BIYA, following his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections. The said there is no other candidate who knows and masters the problems of the Cameroon people other than the incumbent president PAUL BIYA. In songs and dance the channel their messages of thanks to him through the CPDM permanent delegation head Prof Robert Nkili.

The various speakers at the meeting in Endom hailed the peace and development efforts of the president and promised him their loyalty and unflinching support. Through the head of the CPDM permanent delegation in the Nyoung Mfoumou division Prof Robert Nkili the people and supporter in Endom have condemn the happenings in the North West and South West regions of the country. They have described the ongoing crisis and humanitarian situation as not acceptable insisting that peace is very necessary at this point in time when the national values of peace and unity are threatened by some individuals. The CPDM militants have been also drilled on the need to remain vigilant and be ambassador of peace as prescribed by their party’s chairperson president PAUL BIYA.

The rally equally provided a unique opportunity for the CPDM militants of Endom to enumerate the numerous achievements of the division under the reign of President PAUL BIYA. The provision of portable water in the area, building of hospitals and roads, constructions and bridges and the appointment of sons and daughters of the village to prominent positions in government are some of the reasons why the people of Endom believe they are supposed to renew their confidence in President PAUL BIYA. But like Oliver Twist who will always asked for more they are pleading on government to transfer more teachers to the area and health personnel’s to the Endom district hospital due to the security challenges in the country, CPDM militants were called upon to be more vigilant than ever before. The event was presided by a special mass to pray for peace to reign in Cameroon. All eyes are now focus on October 7th when CPDM militants and other Cameroonians will go to the ballot buses to cast their votes.

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