2018 Presidential Elections. Ocean Division Strategizes Methods to Support Paul Biya

This was the initiative by Senator Grégoire Mba Mba, who met on August 2, 2018 to refine preparations ahead of campaign for the forth coming presidential elections.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The community hall of the Kribi Urban Council was packed to the brim as traditional leaders, association leaders, economic operators, Paul Biya’s “Amazons” and activists, friends and supporters of the CPDM did not hide their feelings to show their support for the hero of November 6, 1982.  Speaking during the preparatory meeting for the forth coming presidential elections, Minister Jules Doret Ndongo, head of the permanent central delegation of the Cameroon people’s democratic party for the Ocean division said no election is ever won in advance just like, no election is easy.  To this effect, the head of the permanent central delegation of the Cameroon people’s democratic party for the Ocean division urged the people of Kribi and the division in general to be more vigilant and stay steadfast to their to choice. As he puts it, ‘this are trying moments’

Senator Grégoire Mba Mba, the initiator of the meeting stressed on the fact that this is the moment in time to know the true friends and followers of the ideology of President Paul Biya by calling on the electors to be united, determined so as to ferry President Paul Biya to victory.

According to Senator Grégoire Mba Mba the Campaign strategy have been defined pending the final plan drawn up by the Central Committee of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement. The initiator of this post campaign meeting reminded the voters the city of Kribi will experience a door-to-door campaign in order to better present the works of candidate Paul Biya.
Minister Jules Doret Ndongo and Senator Mba Mba, launched a fundraising in order to support the campaign project in the days ahead as each and every one was called upon to exercise his or her widows might. For the political elite of the division, President Paul Biya gave everything to the people of the Ocean division so now it’s up to them to return the benevolent gesture.
Presidents of CPDM sections and other friends and supporters, supporters of Paul Biya are waiting for October 7, 2018 to seal their commitment.

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