2018 Presidential. Mvila North-West section, Promise 100% Vote in Favour of Paul Biya

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Party, Mvila North-West section, on August 25, 2018 organized a joint conference in Ngoazip II.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The joint conference was an opportunity for the sons and daughters of the locality of Ngoazip to send a strong signal to the eight political parties opposed to Paul Biya in the Presidential framework of 7 October Mvila north-west section.

In order to give the conference the objective it deserves, a theme was set aside which was “Militants and Activists of the CPDM Mvila North West all behind His Excellency Paul Biya for the consolidation of national unity, stability and peace in our country”. This vibrating and soul touching theme was a booster to push ahead their unique candidate Paul Biyato victory. It was also an opportunity for the sons and daughters of Biwong-Bane to show their commitment.

Speaking during the rally, the President of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement Mvila north-west section, Bertrand Magloire Medounga said, it’s time for the sons and daughters of Biwong-Bane to silence all the quarrels and differences existing within the ranks of the section because this is the moment in the political history of Mvila and Cameroon general to vote for a candidate who reassures as far as development is concern.

Bertrand Magloire Medounga affirmed that the number of schools built, the number of functional health centers, the electrification of the towns and villages, the number of boreholes built, the countless number of sons and daughters of Biwong -Bane occupying senior positions in the administration is just the least for the population of Mvila to align behind the unique and trust worthy candidate, Paul Biya.

As the only guarantor for peace and stability since his assertion at the helm of affairs in the country, the Mvila north-west section President also made mention of the «Biwong-Bane Awaken-Up” operation which has gone a long way in galvanizing the populations, consolidating the commitment and the militant spirit of the leaders of the fifteen sub-sections of this political unit.

According to Bertrand Magloire Medounga, October 7 presidential elections is a moment for the population to show how devoted they are to the Head of State Paul Biya in which he termed it as payback time for the benevolent gestures he has offered for the development Mvila. That is the reason why Cameroon People’s Democratic Party Mvila North-West section, came out in their numbers to give their unflinching support to the ultimate candidate rather than abandon Cameroon in the hands of inexperience candidates. Before Mvila, Paul Biya has been receiving motions of supports from CPDM militants who can’t resist without voting for him a 100%.

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