A New Facelift for the Ministry of Public Works

The modernization of this ministry came on the heels of a presidential decree signed by the President of the Republic Paul Biya on August 7, 2018 reorganizing the ministerial department.

Johnson ETAPE

The president of the republic on Tuesday august 7 signed decree N ° 2018/461, containing 158 items in total to reorganize the ministry of Public Works. This presidential decree is aimed at reminding the structure and especially the missions of this ministerial department. A document that falls perfectly in a context as Cameroon is at the heart of its construction projects, particularly in regard to road infrastructures. From the reading of this document, which repeals all the previous provisions, notably the decree of September 2013, one can already say that there is a reinforcement of human resources. For example, the Mintp will now be able to count on three technical advisers (they were two so far, according to the 2013 text), the communication cell will have more study staff, among others.

A national brigade of the works in control.

The General Directorate for Infrastructure Works has been enriched by a new service or more precisely by a new brigade. The purpose of the national works brigade is the preparation of programs and projects to be included in the Board’s portfolio, in conjunction with the department’s internal operating structures, the preparation of project packages for the approval of the Department, from the implementation of infrastructure management interventions, assistance to the design of small structures, etc. This brigade consists of several sections that will work to implement the missions assigned to this new service.

The entrance of a cell promoting bilingualism is one of the innovations in the text signed Tuesday by the Head of State. This cell is housed in the Translation and Promotion of Bilingualism Division. Under the authority of a cell leader, she is in charge of the relations between the national commission for the promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism, the promotion of bilingualism within this ministry, the follow-up and the implementation of the constitutional provisions. Making English and French two official languages ​​of equal value, studies and proposals for measures to the Minister to strengthen the bilingual character of the personnel of this administration. The introduction of this new provision adds the Mintp to the dynamics of living together, which must now be run in public administrations. Looking through the articles that make up the decree of August 7, we can also see that the Head of State has consolidated the prerogatives of Mintp as a state engineer.

From the preparation of bidding documents to the respect of the procurement procedure, everything is set up to ensure a good quality of service.

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