Ambiance During, After Swearing in Ceremony

The oath taking ceremony was fragmented into two phases that is the arrival and the exit from the national assembly

Emmanuel NGOTA

On his arrival at the national assembly, the gates of the unity palace were flown open for the exit of the president elect Paul Biya during the October 7 presidential election. Upon his arrival at the national assembly, the head of state received a type D military honours which are considered as simple military honours. The honours comprised of a battery of the Army Band, a section of the Presidential Guard, a platoon of the National Gendarmerie, two sections of the Army, a section of the Air Force, a section of the Navy, a Section of the National Firefighters Corps, a section of the National Security.

Through this type D military honours the sections and platoons made up of 22 men and the troops were commanded by Colonel Ekwaingen Michael in service at the Army Staff headquarters assisted by Lieutenant-Colonel Zambo Nguema Etienne, staff officer at the Centre Gendarmerie Legion. Accompanied by this, the Head of State was escorted on his arrival at the national assembly by 14 motorcycles of the Presidential Guard and 02 Bell helicopters 412.

It wasn’t the same military honour when he left the glass house (National Assembly). He left the national assembly as a full pledge president according to Cameroon’s constitution with a type A military honours presented with density in solemnity. The honours took another twist as the guard o honour was inflated with, an Army Band    a Company with 4 sections of the Presidential Guard  two Squadrons of the National Gendarmerie (1 Squadron made up of 3 platoons)  three Army Companies an Air Force Company a company of the Navy a Company of the National Firefighters Corps a Company of the National Security.

With this type A honour, the troops were commanded by Brigadier General NKA Valère, Commander of the Headquarters Brigade. He was assisted by, Colonel TAMABANG AFUNCHUI Emmanuel, Inspector at the National Gendarmerie. The honour was soul catching with the honorary hides extended by the Presidential Guard at the National Assembly and at the Unity Palace, the presidential escort was increased to 40 motorcycles and 40 horses, the air space was secured by two Bell 412 helicopters.

Upon arriving the Unity Palace, the gates were flown opened ushering in the new President of the Republic with another honor reserved for him by the presidential guard under the command of the Lieutenant Colonel Beko’o Abando, commander of the presidential guard. On hand to welcome him was an honorary Detachment of the Presidential Guard, Presidential Guard Music, the Flag of the Republic with its standards, two Presidential Guard Companies, a hedge of honor expanded to 60 men and a vault made up of 8 men.

His assertion to the throne for another seven year’s mandate was saluted by a 101 gunshots salute by the infantry and the presidential guard. The shots too place at the Yaounde military stadium, the parcours vita a stone throw from the presidency of the republic and the Yaounde congress centre. The 101 gun shots were partitioned that is 51 by the Army and 50 by the Presidential Guard.

To crown it all the Grand Chancellor; Peter Mafany Mussonge decorated the President of the Republic Paul Biya with the medal of the Grand Master of the National Order. The highest decoration as far as the award of medals are concerned.

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