Cameroon Association of Young Muslims rally behind Paul Biya

Members of the association met in Yaoundé in the month of June 2018 to appeal to President Paul Biya to stand as their candidate for the 7th October 2018 presidential elections.

Cynthia EFOPA

The lunching of activities of the Cameroon National Coordinating Association for Young Muslims for the year 2018 was not the only item on the menu of the associations June session of the meeting. Also featuring on the list was a stock taking of the security threats and challenges that Cameroon undergoes and more importantly the call for the President of the Republic to stand as their candidate for the presidential run up in October.

During the meeting, the young Muslims regret the presence of terrorists groups in the North, East, South-West and North-West regions of the country. The devastating effects of their activities they say have retarded the economy of Cameroon and have threatened the peace and unity the country enjoys.  In spite this drawbacks, Cameroon has remain a safe sanctuary in the turbulent sub-African region and a hot point for economic activities. This has been made possible thanks to the statesman ship of President Paul Biya in handling state affairs with tact and wisdom. This is the raison d’être the Young Muslims unanimously take the rostrum and promise to decry destruction of any sort carried by the enemies of Cameroon. They promise to sensitize their members of how imperative it is to remain united and vigilante to hate information that is destined to destroy the nation Cameroon. Taking a memory down lane, the young faithful lauded the efforts of President Biya for the measures put in place to facilitate the 2018 pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca. They could not end the meeting without mentioning the multiple aids the Head of State usually offered them during the fasting period in preparation for the celebration of the feast of Ramadan. Basing on these essential facts that have been a pillar to the practice of their religion and an improvement of their wellbeing, they resolutely agree to throw their support behind the candidate of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Party.  For they believe he is well placed and has the vision to take Cameroon to the point of emergence by 2035. On behalf of all the Sb-Divisional and Divisional antennas, the National Coordinator Moussa Ben Inoussa appeal to President Paul Biya to answer to their call.

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