CPDM Lekie East Stand for President Paul Biya

CPDM supporters in the Lekie North East section have been enjoined to rally behind the incumbent President Paul Biya for a united, invisible and victorious Cameroon. The call was made during the first conference of the CPDM section in Batchenga presided by the representative of the President of the permanent delegation for the Lekie division at the central committee Regiona Ongolo.

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In songs and dance CPDM supporters and sympathizers in the Lekie North East section came out in their numbers at the esplanade of the mayor’s office in Batchenga to renew their confidence to vote President Paul Biya come October 7th for a one United, indivisible and victorious Cameroon.

Hubert Ongolo section President of the Lekie North East section said they mobilized their militants to provide the means to confront campaigns. Batchenga which he described as the bastion of the CPDM party recorded the best results as far as registering people on the electoral list is concerned.

During the first joint conference, the militants were urged to be prudent and vigilant in moments like this when election fever is high. They were drilled on the need to promote the ideals of love, unity and peace as prescribed by the CPDM party and not fall prey to those who sell illusions. The people of Batchenga are also located in an area that is linked to the major highways from the North West and South West regions and in recent time has witnessed an influx of people from these regions. This is the main reasons why the people were told to be vigilant and report any suspected behaviour to the traditional and administrative authorities of the area. The people were equally drilled on the importance of preserving peace and dangers of war.

The Batchenga meeting was also an occasion to fine tune strategies and enjoined the supporters to collect their cards and effectively cast their votes come October 7th. They were told that a good candidate is one who registers, collect his or her voter’s card and vote on polling day. Change to them can only be achieved and development meets only with incumbent President Paul Biya. Mme RegineOngolo who was representing the president of the permanent divisional delegation for the Lekie North East section said President Paul Biya should be voted to continue the realization of earmarked projects. He is an old politician who has better mastery of the problems, projects and plight of the Cameroon people and thus needs another seven year mandate at the helm of the state. The CPDM political gathering in Batchenga was marked by the writing of a motion of support to President Paul Biya. A match pass for peace and unity to reign in the North West and South West Regions was equally carried out from the mayor’s office to the main road.

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