CPDM North-West Elite Congratulates Paul Biya for His Re-Election

Congratulatory messages from elite nation-wide to the Head of State and President of the Republic keep streaming in for his re-election and swearing in on the 6th of November 2018.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The recent of these messages was from elites from the North West region, where CPDM militants congratulated the head of state and president of the republic, Paul Biya for his outstanding victory during the presidential election on the 7th of November 2018. The CPDM elites also acknowledged the transparent conduct of the electoral process while at the same time lauded the effort put in place by the government to ensure security before, during and after the presidential election.

In this vein, the CPDM elites of the North West region congratulated President Paul Biya for his numerous efforts to foster economic growth and create jobs particularly for the youths in Cameroon, his determination to foster the unity of the fatherland and to enhance democratic, economic and social trends to confidently embrace modernity

With vision in mind the elite saluted the desire of the newly sworn president of the republic in the restoration of peace and calm in the North West and south west regions as soon as possible most especially the compassion shown to displaced persons in this region and other innocent Cameroonians affected by the protracted tension.

All these they say fall within the framework of acts of terror and horror that have threatened the peace and security of the peace-loving people of the North West and south west region likewise the obstruction of economic operations coupled with the education of children. Without much ado, the elites were recognized the great wisdom of president Paul Biya in the creation of the commission for the promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism and also the constitutional council to cater for our unity in diversity and constitutional challenges respectively.

The north west elite of the Cameroon people democratic movement meeting under the auspices of his excellency, Philemon Yang, prime minister and head of government and leader of the north west regional delegation for the CPDM central committee expressed they readiness to render the best support in the strive of President Biya to restore peace and security in the North West and South West regions in his discourse during his swearing in.

To this effect they extended their sincere gratitude for the unflinching love and concern demonstrated to the victims of the current unrest in the North West and south west region through the government emergency humanitarian assistance plan conceived in his wisdom. In this respect therefore, on behalf of the CPDM militants of the North West region and the countless numbers of the silent majority, to totally commit themselves to the visionary of the head of state in his experienced leadership throughout his seven years’ mandate.

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