2018 Presidential polling. Elections to hold in 360 Sub-Divisions

The Minister of Territorial Administration gave this assurance during the two-day Governors conference that just ended in Yaounde

Cynthia EFOPA      

“…The Head of State, President Paul Biya, has given clear instructions, elections will hold in the 360 Sub-Divisions that make up Cameroon…” these are the words that the Minister of Territorial Administration declared at the end of the just ended Governors conference in Yaounde. During the conference which has as objective to evaluate the security situation of the country in view to the upcoming presidential elections and the ongoing school reopening, the different regional governors presented exposes of the happenings in their regions and listened to the territorial Administration Minister as he dished out directives prescribed by the Head of State.  The conference that held under the theme, “Administrative authorities and the securing of the electoral process” paved the way for Minister Atanga Nji to remind candidates vying for the post of the President to make known their campaign plans to the administrative authorities, so that in collaboration with the Defence and Security Forces, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure their security. The protection of voting materials was another aspect they highly took into consideration.

Talking about the North West and South West Regions where the security situation is not at its best, the Governors of both regions declared that all is under control, all the Sub Divisional officers are at their duty post, and preparations for elections are ongoing. Minister Atangi Nji corroborated by adding that exceptional security measures have been prescribed by the Head of State in the two trouble ridden regions and terrorists who will dare to obstruct the electoral process will face the arms of the law. He reminded the participating political parties to respect the good code of conduct they unanimously agreed, for as the supervisory authority of political parties he will appreciate if all political actors use measured words and will not hesitate to apply appropriate measures to contain acts of misconduct.

The presentations done by the Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie and the Delegate General of National Security is certain has fortified the knowhow of the Regional governors in managing security issues. As they leave the capital city of Yaounde to their respective regions, they are poised to take into consideration the context of their environment so as to better secure the upcoming electoral process.

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