Ensuring the Distribution of Voters Cards in the Mfoundi

The Electoral board of Cameroon (ELECAM) has launched an operation to evaluate the distribution of voters cards and the quality of voting material ahead of the October 7th Presidential poll. Delphine Tsanga one of the board members of the ELECAM and head of operation in the Mfoundi division began her tour this Thursday to some pulling stations in Yaoundé one . She has called on bigwigs of political parties to sensitize other militants on the importance of withdrawing the voter’s card.


The distribution pace on voter’s cards is encouraging since the electoral board of Cameroon convenes the electorate for October 7th. However much still has to be done to push potential voters to withdraw their cards. This statement is from Helene Onana Ngono, the head of ELECAM council branch in Yaoundé one. She was speaking during a working session with DelphineTsanga one of the board members of ELECAM who visited the structure to evaluate the level of distribution of voters cards. It was disclosed to her that some 2200 voters cards have been distributed thanks to the door to door strategy adopted by ELECAM.As explained by Rekiatou Abdoulaye ELECAM officials have been going down to the field to ensure the distribution of voters cards .They have so far targeted some major roads junctions and churches were the personnel are ensuring potential voters pick up their cards.

As to the existences of some 276 polling stations in Yaoundé one, Delphine Tsanga was told that though there exists, some will be reorganized. She then visited some polling stations in the Olembe neighborhood which recorded many new voters. At the end of the evaluation and inspection mission, the main challenge is the need of mobilized militants of various political parties to acquire their voter’s cards. DelphineTsanga instructed ELECAM officials to target rallies of the various political parties so that supporters can withdraw their cards. AS to the availability of other materials to be used on October 7th, the visiting board members assured the workers that everything is being done to ensure the of voting materials.

During the visit to the Yaoundé one branch of ELECAM the population was equally sensitized on the importance of withdrawing the voter’s cards. They were further told that without the voters cards they cannot cast their vote come October 7th .The ongoing operation to assess the level of preparedness ahead of the presidential poll which is expected to runoff in the Mfoundi division on Wednesday August 22 of 2018.Before the end of the operation it is expected that more potential voters most have retrieve their voting cards and material to be used on October 7th provided. It should be noted that the electoral board of Cameroon was created by the President of the republic PAUL BIYA to manager election matters. It is an independent structure that the government highly support financially to manage the election issues in Cameroon.

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