Far North. Staff Delegates To Vote Paul Biya

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Gregoire Owona, on a working visit to Maroua, transformed the exchanges with the workers in an electoral campaign.

Emmanuel NGOTA

In Maroua, the minister of labour and social security, Gregroire Owona took more than two hours to respond to the various concerns of staff delegates from different areas of the Far North region. During this meeting of exchanges that was held on September 10, 2018 in the municipal council of Maroua, the Minister of labour and social security reminded these delegates that they have a delicate mission of preservation of the working tool, the protection of the rights of the workers and also the preservation of social peace in view of the current socio-political context.

But if there is one pill that the minister wants to make absolutely swallow to his interlocutors of the day, it is that of the incentive of the latter to vote for Paul Biya. And the minister does not hide it when he is in front of leaders capable of conveying the message. “We must accompany President Biya in his achievements by going to vote. This is the man we need because these reforms to improve your working conditions are his works.

The working visit to the Far North Region by Minister Gregoire Owana was timely as the delegates were elated with the minister’s stand which is that of improving on the working and living conditions of workers. So the delegates sent and echoing message for their support to the head of state and president of the republic who is and incumbent candidate for the October 7 presidential elections.

Apart from these staff delegates, the population of the far north region are mobilizing and waxing strategies in order to have an over whelming victory for the Cameroon people’s democratic movement, CPDM. Is for the love and dedication they owe for the party and its immense concern to this region under the helm of president Paul Biya that the militants through a motion of support called on their natural candidate to launch his campaign in this strategic part of the country

Before the visit by the minister of labour and social security, other myriads of government minister in a short pace of time have paid working visits to the far north of Cameroon like the minister of territorial administration, Paul Atanga Nji, and the minister for secondary education, Pauline Nalova Lyonga.

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