Foumban. Another Rallying Point for CPDM Militants

Effervescence gripped the town of Foumban over the weekend as the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement thronged the town to celebrate the Head of State and President of the party for accepting their call to stand as their candidate for the upcoming 7th October presidential elections.

Cynthia EFOPA

The town of Foumban in the Noun Division of the West region of Cameroon was another hot spot for the militants of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement- the CPDM as they prepare ahead of the presidential elections. Big wigs as well as the men, lady and youth wings of the ruling party turned out in their number at the conference hall in Foumban to raise their voice as one man to thank President Paul Biya for answering their numerous call to stand as the party’s lone candidate for the previewed presidential elections on October 7th 2018.

During the event, the big wigs of the party revealed strategies that will aid the party to mobilize supporters. They were told that this is the time to multiply the organization of rallies, explain the objective of the party to grass root supporters and the necessity for them to vote for their illustrious candidate. They laid emphasis on door to door campaign and the successes of the party since it started handling the affairs of the state.

The senior comrades explained to militants that their candidate is the best to shield Cameroon from any security or economic problems. The successes over the years are a real testimony. They cited all the major development projects constructed by the incumbent president. Lom Pangar hydroelectric project, the Memve’ele Hydroelectric project, the Kribi deep sea port, were just some examples that the militants could boast of how determined their party is bent to make Cameroon reach point of emergence by 2035. They are certain that the completion of some of the projects in the days ahead will contribute to improve on the living standard of the population, ignite economic activities and invite many foreign investors to the country. They dispersed from the assembly ground with a firm conviction that the intensity of their campaigns will lead to a one hundred percent win for their candidate President Paul Biya.

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