Hands On Cameroon: Paul Biya Accused Of Crime Against Patriotism

The presidential election in Cameroon, which inaugurated a series of elections that will follow in a short time, will have shown all facets of the geopolitical landscape of this country and its feverish geostrategic environment. Actors have predicted the fall of Paul Biya in the bloodiest scenarios to continue writing the story of the murdered heads of state for their ideas, that of protecting their people from interference.


President Paul Biya has just thwarted all the prognoses sending him to retire. Fortunately he braved convergent taunts over his people, annoying insults, rhetoric and jokes. It is a real task force made up of NGOs, civil society figures, politicians from some countries with bloody hands of slavery, colonization or disgusting racism that are today a virgin that commands philanthropies. Some, believing themselves above the norms of the international system, have left altruistic organizations in a frenzy on the grounds of unsaved interests. In these organizations that maintain pride, it happens that nations are equal and that certain practices are condemned by the same principles. What do we know about human rights when they are harassed every day by the law of the strongest who is always right, turning a blind eye to crimes that are castigated elsewhere when these lesson givers do not commit themselves by sanitizing them with cosmetic operations. Paul Biya has not changed since time, he remained the old lion who keeps his den in accordance with the international rules to which Cameroon has subscribed. Curators, moreover, have often found him a posture that is too kind and conciliatory. This passive posture was observed at the limit against his opponents in his only speech made during the campaign in Maroua. His opponents against whom he had to play a regular match were simply ignored, the candidate-president only dealt with his electorate. The same humility will be put in the exit of the polling station, where the president of the republic said he was happy to serve Cameroon and that he was ready to continue only under the condition that the Cameroonian people would so decide, during that the next day, a candidate declared victory of the election … What the Cameroonians and the other observers did not really see happening, it is the attack on the safety of the State perpetrated by this candidate who asked for expressly to the Cameroonian army to make allegiance to it as well as administrations to follow the folly of grandeur of a man of law who shames science.

But analysts should look far ahead, as well as those who tinker with coups in Africa. Sources well introduced, evidence weigh against all those who have been involved in the destabilization of Cameroon; US parliamentarians who have not finished sweeping in front of their home they already want to take care of cleaning Cameroon, NGOs and media orders, lobby groups to investors at the base of the combines, and henchmen Cameroonians, traitors before the Lord, who will forever be guilty of Cameroonian legislation in execution of articles of the penal code dealing with acts tantamount to attacks on State security. These acts include hostilities against the republic (Articles 101, 104.105, 106), the penal code could thus continue on acts of rebellion (Article 156). Cameroon is an independent state, in the event that some have forgotten it, and the reactions that are cascading today, confessed by young people outraged by this interference, prove at least one thing; Cameroonians will never accept what happened in Libya, Ivory Coast or the Central African Republic. The people are sovereign and master of their destiny, and seem to have chosen their president who inspires wisdom, experience and security.


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