Hands on Cameroon

Cameroon is a model in Central Africa, a real economic lung that captures more than half of the money supply of this sub-region. A politically stable country, Cameroon has been suffering from cross-border insecurity for more than four years because of its geographical situation, which puts it in contact with friction zones. Playing a role of strategic lock, the repercussions of these tremors have remained curbed in the cross-border periphery.

But against all odds, the English-speaking crisis is emerging in 2017 and is intensifying in a curious way, as the political deadline for the presidential election of this country approaches, to the point where it would be very difficult not to associate the current security crisis in Cameroon with an agenda that is part of an unacceptable interference.

Foreign actors who invite themselves to the political debate

Starting from an internationalist frame of reference, it is very curious to compare the distance that exists in the observations and analyses of the security situation prevailing in Cameroon, established by the NGOs and certain other actors of the international sphere. Some Western countries, hiding a partisan stance, have even given more credit to the information available from influencers and activists, in many cases ignoring those produced by government sources. The management of the killings in the small village of Menka in the north-west is revealing. The media, some Western chancelleries and other NGOs have gathered information from a single party constituting the body of the opposition, such as that of the SDF party president, Ni John Fru Ndi who alleged that the army arrived one morning, opened fire indiscriminately on the population, and that although he legitimized this intervention, he denounced an excessive use of force.

The government then explained by the Minister of Communication the sequences of this operation which was required and legitimate, following the complaint of a victim who managed to escape his captors, and was able to alert the defense forces. After assessing the situation, an intervention unit was sent to the area of ​​action, and opened fire after it was first attacked by the terrorists. The commando conducted his mission in a professional manner; the proof is the collection of victims who could be secured during this operation by just raising their hands. These victims will testify that the terrorists had executed the hostages who had not taken up arms to defend their device. These testimonies, added to that of the chief of the local village, confounded the previously advanced allegations which had already gone in all directions, without which, on the other hand, their authors did not amend or apologize for them. This particular way of treating a sovereign country systematically assaulted in its sovereignty is completely unacceptable, and participates, beyond a condescendence, a destabilization either, an interference that hides badly the predatory reasons in these intentions.

It should be noted that the terrorists who had taken a whole hostage village that they were extorting, had copiously raped under-age children between the ages of 15 and 18, a situation that did not, however, in any way disturb certain Western sensibilities deemed to be angelic. His claims, could pass the sponge on cases of violation of human rights. But on the contrary, by NGOs interposed, in perfect collusion with terrorist sensors, transmissions of rigged media with vehemence and obvious clumsiness, whose repetition is part of the obstinacy to condemn at all costs the State of Cameroon, this against All diplomatic ethics, the foreign affairs services interfere in the internal affairs of Cameroon, denounce for free, like those burning boxes that are seen from above by satellites and whose authors are terrorists. Actors who are deaf to the calls of the populations of the North-West and the South-West which are organized little by little in committees of vigilance, actors who are curiously atones to the destruction of the economic fabric of these two very dynamic regions. Large agricultural factories have just been turned into ashes, leaving thousands of workers on the pavement. The ingredients are there to create chaos in this country that has resisted despite its security wars to keep the head out of the water and resist the economic recession shaking the sub-region of Central Africa. The reasons for a political alternation are they founded to resuscitate a new Cameroon on the ruins of the destruction in progress?

Geostrategic perceptions with geopolitical convenience

Cameroon’s foreign policy focuses on multilateralism, the principle of non-interference and the promotion of international cooperation. It is a country which obviously does not develop any hegemonic inclination and rather promotes the important multilateral relations within the sub region. At the regional level, bilateral cooperation with neighboring Nigeria is the most important in terms of trade. At the interregional level, cooperation is equally flourishing. This policy is constant, and concretizes the concept of community development dear to President Paul Biya, who understood that the development of Cameroon would come from community cells that would be boosted by the capitalization of foreign investments. This policy is also reflected in a better protection of Cameroon’s interests and the diversification of investors. A policy that does not seem to be in phase with the diktat of the multinationals who would like to keep an exclusive hand on the extraordinary wealth of this country which in the opinion of specialists, is a real “natural scandal”. This wealth is spread evenly throughout the country, both in agriculture and mining. No region could therefore claim to hold the wealth of Cameroon to the point that this reason is a reason for irredentism. Great was the surprise to learn that the Canadian group Kilimanjaro had signed pre-contracts with some secessionist leaders, against any rule in international trade. Such discrepancies have scarcely been the mainstay of the press because they are masked by the influence of lobbies. The multilateral policy opted by President Paul Biya is it not the cause of wake turbulence that ultimately call for alternating orders, that its initiators want more malleable and attentive to the interests of lobbies that dictate the pace of geopolitics world?

We then understand more than the agenda that presupposed the non-representation of the candidate Paul Biya to his own succession, had bet by the terror of crisogenic phenomena that did not predict the real capacity of the polymorphic defense forces and who are able to cope with multifaceted threats. In fact, all the Western countries that have so far pronounced on aid in exchange for a military occupation have seen their offers rejected, in the sense that this sedentary presence would undermine the sovereignty of the Cameroonian people, sovereign and master of their destiny.

The whole media cabal hypertrophied, sifted some humanitarian intentions does it not in the recommendation of a scheme that would lead as in Libya and Ivory Coast, to the stalemate of the “Right to protect” which in the examples mentioned are failures of the international community in Africa. The cases of Iraq and Syria in the Middle East are not far removed from this thesis.

Cameroon has a strong capacity for resilience and the multilateralism for which it has opted not only gives it economic dividends but also influence. The cases of Libya, Ivory Coast, Iraq and Syria have shown the bankruptcy of the United Nations security system, scenarios that are very unlikely to succeed with a country like Cameroon , where the majority of the population is chorused with its rulers, if it is true that democracy is the emergence of the majority, and that the elections that lie, contrary to what analysts believe, may be the turning point for this country, which could embark on its true destiny and transform accordingly, the new paradigm of its international relations.

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