“I Do So Swear” Not a Mere Slogan

The 6th of November 2018 has gone down into the annals, as the world at large witnessed the swearing in of the head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces Paul Biya after his re-election on the 22nd of November 2018.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The swearing in ritual or better still known as the oath taking sacramental is the high point of the inaugural ceremony when the head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces pronounced the word I do so swear before God and the people of Cameroon. This action entails embarking on a journey of responsibility, honor, service and loyalty not only as the commander in chief of the defense forces but also as Head of states to a nation awaiting change, a mission he has to president Paul Biya has to execute for the next 7 years.

He who says I do so swear carries on his shoulder the utmost responsibility to serve his nation with honor and loyalty and bears the burden to addressing all issues that pattern to that nation and off course not omitting the duty of protecting her, ensuring that all her needs are met and taking full responsibility. An oath of service is an affirmation to undertake office by the laws of state voicing out a solemn vow in front of the nation promising to fulfill all duties prior to the state and to protect her territorial integrity and be there for her.  Also answerable to article 7 of the Cameroon constitution president Paul Biya said I do so swear to the people of Cameroon promising to be her shepherd a symbolic vow to accomplish a well-structured mission vested on him by the nation.

That of accelerating growth in every sector, ensuring safety, reviving economic growth, boosting the agricultural sector, reducing unemployment, curbing insecurity and terrorism, improving water and energy, re-establishing our education, addressing societal issues, improving on health care facilities and technology and all sectors that involve our daily life most especially in a democratic country where the people await a change.

A mission he intends to execute and bring his touch of expertise and the force of his experience as in his slogan for a fresh impetus to all sectors as he righty mentioned during his inaugural speech where he intends to involve everyone most especially youths and women who have so much to contribute to the growth of our beloved nation Cameroon. This said its said one had cannot tie a bundle is therefore a participative and conscious effort of one another to build our nation as witnesses to the vow I do so swear, President Paul Biya has this as a reminder to boost her troops and revamp the joy of her nation by bringing together north and south, east and west to unity and renew the joy of every citizen under the motto peace, work, fatherland.

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