Mbam And Kim Pledges 100 Percent Vote To President Paul Biya

The natives of the Mbam and Kim division of the Center region mobilized in their numbers last week to pledge a 100 percent vote to the president of the Republic, Paul Biya.

Cynthia Efopa

Ahead of the upcoming presidential elections due to take place in October 2018, the elites of the Mbam and Kim Division under the coordination of Rene Emmauel Sadi, member of the Political Bureau of the Cameroons People Democratic Movement, the CPDM carried out a one week massive and sensitization campaign aimed at mobilizing the children of that division to massively enroll on the electoral list. Under the theme “my voice counts, I enroll, I vote Paul Biya”, the organizers explained to the population who turned out in their numbers that their choice of choosing a president for Cameroon could only be done through the ballot box. And for that to be possible, they must enroll on the electoral list without which their aspirations of reelecting President Paul Biya as their candidates for the forth coming elections will be impossible. The sensitization team crisscrossed the division, touring the villages of Yoko, Ngoro, Ngambe-Tika and Mbangasina encouraging the masses to register on the electoral list. At the end of the crusade that halted at Ntui, at the CPDM South Section of Mbam and Kim, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, the team leader expressed his satisfaction on the level of voters’ registration in the division but called on them to do better. Statistics demonstrated that on the day of May 8th, 60 000 citizens of the division had registered on the electoral list.

During the sensitization and mobilization tour, the CPDM party divisional head for Mbam and Kim as well as sub section heads used the opportunity to table to their elites and the party hierarchy some of the daily challenges they encounter in attaining missions: poor state of roads, difficulties to have access to farmlands, finances and socio-professional insertion of women and girls in some vocational programs. This however came up only after they acknowledged the multiform of support made by government to develop the area especially in the domain of education and road infrastructures. At the end, the population were convinced  that their different worries will be met reason why they must hasten up to get enroll so as to ensure their unflinching support to their chosen candidate President Paul Biya.

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