Mbouda Raises FCFA 83 Million for CPDM Campaign

The people of Bamboutos division in the west region have been advised not to pay attention to politicians who make unrealistic promises in the quest for their votes.The head of the CPDM central committee divisional delegation to the Bamboutos Emmanuel Ngonou Djoumessi was speaking in Mbouda at a rally during which more than 83 million francs cfa was raised to finance the campaign of president Paul Biya, the CPDM flag bearer in the October 2018 presidential elections.

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Joining the rally at Mbouda party house CPDM supporters from the four municipalities from the Mbambotus notably Batgam, Babajou, Galim, and Mbouda as well as from the sixteen villages that make up the division join hands to raise the sum of more than 83 million francs cfa to finance the campaign of their candidate president Paul Biya in the upcoming presidential elections. The head of the CPDM central committee permanent divisional delegation to the Mbambotus minister Emmanuel Ngono Djoumessi of public works, told the CPDM supporters that this presidential election period will bring in politicians of all sheds and opinions to their divisions in search of votes but they should remain steadfast and united behind president Paul whose join hands in the air is a strong symbol for unity toward securing the development of their constituency and the entire country.

During a workshop organized by the CPDM permanent delegation to Mbouda which was intended to drill militants of the roles and regulations of the party as well as telling them how to behave during campaign period, minister Emmanuel Ngono Djoumessi said the people of Mbouda should not be carried away by those who come with food and money to get votes. He explained and described such politicians as those trying to feed their hungry stomachs. He went further to explain that such people after elections will never come back to their electorates not to talk of providing basic amenities to the population. But the case of the CPDM party to Minister Emmanuel Ngono Djoumessi. He said that Mbouda has witness tremendous development from the government of President Paul Biya.

Other speakers who took to the rostrum enumerated some of the projects Mbouda has benefited from the government of President Paul Biya. The range from the provision of pipe borne water in the division, construction of farm to market roads, creation of schools to the provision of a well-equipped government hospital in the area. All of this is the reason why the people of Mbouda should vote for the CPDM candidate. The rally ended with the reading of emotion of support to the chairman of the CPDM party and a March pass on some streets of Mbouda.

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