New National Assembly Edifice to Be Erected Soon

The Speaker of the National Assembly, the Right Honourable Cavaye Yeguié Djibril received at his office a Chinese technical team to evaluate the last alterations to be done before starting work.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Just a team of experts comprising architects, electrician, computer engineer, plumbing and decoration in particular from the People’s Republic of China were received by the House Speaker to discuss the alterations made on the architectural design of the new edifice to host Cameroon’s National Assembly. Construction work on site is expected to begin soon following the working session the Chinese experts held with the Speaker.

After an hour of discussions with the Speaker of the National Assembly at his chambers, the delegation went to the National Assembly for a working session with the commission in charge of the project. “We have already drafted a project plan since last year. But, with the change of the site, we had to come back, “said Cao Yuanwei, head of the delegation of the dozen people from China. As the Honorable Théodore Datouo, Vice-President of the National Assembly, recalled, “the Cameroonian and Chinese parties are in the process of harmonizing the architectural plan adapted to this site, which incorporates the presence of the former hemicycle that we want to maintain as a parliamentary museum and that takes into account the rugged terrain on the eastern part of the site where we are.”

The site originally planned to host the main building of the National Assembly was changed and it was necessary to define a new architectural plan according to the new site in Ngoa-Ekelle. The Chinese delegation should work for a month and it is only after these adjustments that the work can begin, as indicated by the Honorable Théodore Datouo. This project accelerated after President Paul Biya’s visit to China last March, and most recently on September 03 and 04 as part of the China Africa Cooperation Forum Summit.

In July 2018, the new Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Cameroon during his maiden audience with the Speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly reiterated the determination of his country to support Cameroon in the construction of the parliamentary edifice. The Chinese diplomat also acknowledged that the excellent cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries occupies a key place in the rich exchanges that his country has with Cameroon. Inter-parliamentary cooperation in his opinion should “gain in intensity”.

HE Wang Yingwu said at the end of the thirty minutes discussion with Hon Cavaye Yeguié that one of the important topics discussed concerns the construction of the new headquarters building to house the National Assembly.

It should be recall that the current headquarters of the National Assembly, located in the Ngoa-Ekelle neighbourhood in Yaounde was ravaged by the flames on the night of November 16, 2017. House Speaker, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril revealed last August that the construction of the new National Assembly Headquarter will gulp some FCFA 60 billion being counterpart funds from the People’s Republic of China.

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