Night Travel to Be Re-established in North-West

This was made known by the Governor of the North West region in a statement to the public.

Cynthia EFOPA

Following the gruesome incident that happened on the highway at Akum in the North West Region on the night of 8th breaking the 9th of September 2018,  where a mass of armed men stole an excavator, gorged the main road linking Bamenda to other regions, molested passengers of some travel agencies, loot their items, killed some drivers, destroyed more than five seventy-sitter buses and set ablaze an excavator,  the Governor of the region, AdolpheLeleLafrique issued an order restricting the movement of persons and property in the North West Region from 6pm to 6am till further notice.

According to the order during the period, movements of vehicles, persons and goods shall be strictly forbidden, all off licenses, snack bars and night clubs shall remain closed, motor parks shall remain closed, night travel suspended and the circulation of motor bikes shall completely be suspended during said hours. The order does not apply to administrative authorities, forces of law and order and persons and vehicles in possession of special authorization to circulate. This is in a bid to readjust security measures through intelligence gathering and pre-empt solutions for such act not to repeat itself.

However, the restriction issued by the North West Governor suspending night travels has been preoccupying to some city dwellers who sees the order as a hindrance to the smooth running of their daily businesses as they often ply the road at night for one reason or another. In respond to this worries, Governor Lele Lafrique declared that travelling at night will be re-established as soon as possible, time to permit the government take necessary measures to put in place strategy to protect persons and their goods on the highway around the environs of Bamenda and to avoid the nightmare passengers witnessed on the road at Akum.

The North West region has been under curfew (5am-9pm) for many months now due to nocturnal violence terrorist were committing. The initiation of the curfew came as a solution to put an end to the night activities of gunmen who made use of darkness as an advantage to perpetrate killings. Given that it impeded their movement and evolution, they have shift to the outskirts where they practiced highway robbery. Governor Lele Lafrique called on the population of the North West region to collaborate with the Forces of Law and Order for total security to reign in the region.

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