Nyong and Mfoumou contributes 42 million for CPDM Campaigns

This was during a political rally that took place at the headquarters of the Division

Cynthia EFOPA      

The 7th of September 2018 was not an ordinary day in the municipal council of Akonolinga, headquarters of the Nyong and Mfoumou Division of the Center region, as militants, sympathizers, elites and well-wishers of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement –the CPDM of the Division thronged the council hall of Akonolinga to pledge their unalloyed support to their chairman and candidate for the presidential elections slated for October 7th 2018. The main item on the menu of the meeting was the donation of finances that will be used to drive the CPDM campaign strategy in the Division.

All the militants of the five Sub-Divisions of Nyong and Mfoumou turned out in their numbers to chip in their own fair share of the money needed for the campaign. Contributions ranges between 2000 FRS and 15 million FRS.  At the end of the well organized and coordinated contribution exercise, the CPDM community of the Division could boast of a basket of 42.185.000 FRS collected just on that day, the highest ever contributed in the Division. The elites of the region congratulated the CPDM sections, sub sections and units as they demonstrated a great sign of commitment in the work of the party.

For the sake of transparency in management of finances, the financial bench of the party in the Division took time to give a balance sheet of the 25 million that was lastly collected to help militants get registered on the electoral list. Out of the money, they said some 7 million was left over and they reported to militants that the balance will be pump into campaigns. For the over three hours, the different speakers of the meeting took time to lay emphasis on the need to intensify door-to-door campaigns, to crisscross villages and sub divisions preaching the values of the CPDM party, its achievement and its perspectives.  They encouraged them to master the canons of the party and be convinced in what they do so as to have the capacity to persuade others to vote for their presidential candidate, Paul Biya. The party big wigs of the Division advised that militants should avoid unnecessary expenditures that will not help in boosting their campaigns in the Division. As usual, the Nyong and Mfoumou militants all agree to launch campaigns at the ceremonial ground in the locality of Ayos.

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