October 7 Presidential Election. FCFA 50 Million Collected for CPDM Campaigns in Moungo

A mega rally to drum support for President Paul Biya’s candidacy took place recently at the Party House of Nkongsamba, the Divisional headquarters under the chairmanship of the Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, head of the Central Committee Permanent Divisional Delegation.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Ever since the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, convened the electorate on October 7 for the presidential election, members of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) have been organising a series of meetings in different parts of the country. Not only are the different local party officials mobilising to give the Head of State, CPDM candidate a brilliant victory, they are also collecting financial contribution to support the campaign which under normal circumstances (as per the Electoral Code) should begin two weeks to the poll (that is 22 September). Almost every weekend, political rallies are organised by different political parties vying for the country’s top job.

For the ruling CPDM party with its charismatic and emblematic leader, incumbent President Paul Biya, the political rallies are multiplying every day. Many Divisions and regions have already contributed to ensure that the CPDM champion emerges victorious come October 7. This was the case of Moungo Division, in the Littoral Division where members of the Central Committee Permanent Divisional Delegation, CPDM, WCPDM and YCPDM Sections in the Division and other CPDM elites including Mayors, Parliamentarians amongst others, converged at the Nkongsamba Party House to mobilise both financial and moral support for the CPDMP campaign.

During the mega rally chaired by the Central Committee Central Committee Permanent Delegation leaders for the Moungo Division, Minister Lejuene Mbella Mbella, some FCFA 50 million was raised to fund the campaigns. The Minister of External Relations, an elite of the Division, told party members that CPDM champion must be given a resounding victory in the Moungo Division and the nation as a whole. To achieve this, Lejeune Mbella Mbella urged party adherents to match their support with actions by contributing generously to the fundraising, canvass for votes for the party and effectively vote the CPDM candidate during the October 7 polls.

The massively attended event produced FCFA 50 million which will be used to sponsor campaigns activities in all the sub-divisions of the division. The Nkongsamba I Section President EL Hadj Oumarou, stated that Paul Biya remains the best choice for Cameroon. Just like Minister Mbella Mbella stated, the Section President who also doubles as Mayor of Nkongsamba I, President Paul Biya has the mettle and the experience to steer Cameroon into prosperity as prescribed in the Vision 2035 and the murky waters of socio-political crisis the country current finds itself in. The man of peace, they say, is the only one who can restore Cameroon’s enviable peace, stability and national unity.

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