Over 2.3 Million Jobs Created in Seven Years

This figure was made possible thanks to several job creating mechanisms put in place by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, during his 2011-2018 mandate.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Youth employment in Cameroon has really witnessed a blast thanks to actions and mechanisms put in place to reduce under employment and unemployment by the government under the prescriptions of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. Many actions, legal frameworks were activated to make jobs more accessible. According to statistics from the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, some 2,353,611 jobs were created within the last seven years in different sectors of the modern economy. This gives an average of 300,000 jobs created annually, far above the prescriptions of the Growth and Employment Strategic Paper (GESP) that fixed annual objectives of 50,000 jobs per year.

The figure is elevated thanks to several recruitments carried out annually into the Public Service and the National defence and security corps, local councils, State enterprises amongst others.

The 25,000 recruitment launched by President Biya in 2011 was also a major booster to job created within the last seven years in varied specialisations and domains.

Information gathered at the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, stipulates that this year some 250,000 jobs are expected to be created. The National Employment Observatory is already highlighting that as at August 31, 402,072 job have already been created. The last seven years have been particularly fruitful for youths in terms of job creation. Many initiatives taken has yielded positive fruits. Some of the initiatives included, job fairs which since 2011 enabled many youths to find decent jobs. Apart from several government projects launched across the nation which provided several jobs to the youths, President Paul Biya launched the Three-year Special Youth Plan in 2016 which has financed several youth projects and generated more employment. The project targeted some 1,500 whose projects are expected to create wealth and jobs. Some close to 4000 projects have already been financed with over 22,000 jobs already created.

The National Employment Fund has also been instrumental in the creation of jobs across the nation. The government has also laid emphasis on vocation and technical training which are important levers for auto-employment. The government with the support of the Korean Republic opened three state-of-the-arts vocational training centres worth FCFA 24 billion in Limbe, Douala and Sangmelima to develop 14 vocational trades. Thus, it is expected that more jobs will be created in the nearest future after the training centres must have churned out the first batches and when the Three-year Youth Plan must have wrapped off.

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