Paul Biya, our President!

His major construction works and the love for citizens has been the fuel behind the calling of the Head of State to stand as the candidate for the CPDM

Cynthia EFOPA

Paul Biya our President!”, were the words of praises that the militants of Fonjumekwete in the West Region sang as they assembled in the banquet hall of the locality. The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement is very much aware of the vital role grass root militants have to play come the October 7th elections and the party is bent to make sure that all supporters leave their houses to cast their vote in polling stations on the D-Day. This has been the need for the party in Fonjumekwete to constantly strengthen relations between the party hierarchy and the base through political rallies.  It is in this light that hundreds of party supporters from the men, women and youth wings of the CPDM party met at the Fonjumekwete banquet hall to map out winning strategies in view of the upcoming presidential elections.

The Head of the CPDM Permanent Delegation for the Upper Nkam, the Upper Nkam North Section President and other party big wigs joined the paramount ruler of Fonjumekwete to urge all supporters to make a rational choice by ensuring a one hundred percent vote to assure the re-election of their national chairman and their presidential candidate, Paul Biya during the fourth coming presidential. While enumerating the different developmental projects carried in their locality in the domain of health, education, energy amongst others, the Section President of the Upper Nkam North said a vote for the CPDM is a vote for emergence, peace, living together and equal opportunities. At the end of the rally party big wigs and grass root supporters unanimously addressed a motion of support to their national president. Closely followed was a support work to demonstrate their total attachment to the political ideologies of the CPDM.

As they dispersed, the militants of the locality are brainstorming on how to deep down their hands in their pockets so they can participate in the support of their party chair in carrying out extensive and intensive campaigns capable of making them reach their goals of attaining one hundred percent vote.

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