Paul Biya the Choice of Cameroonian Youth

Grouped in the Movement of Friends of Paul Biya, young people from Mfoundi organized a mega meeting to support the President of the Republic in Yaounde in the presence of the Minister, SGPR (Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic) Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh representative staff of the Head of State.


“The entire Cameroonian youth looks forward to your candidacy for the presidential election of 2018”. This is the message the youth of the Mfoundi Division wanted to send o the President of the republic.   All a symbol, 48 hours after the celebration of the national day dedicated to them, and especially after the important message addressed to them by the President of the Republic. Just a response back to him. At the Palais des Congrès in Yaounde, they came by hundreds to show their commitment to President Paul Biya whose birthday was also celebrated. Students, young people from the informal sector, young political party activists, members of civil society, they wanted to reassure the head of state of their ability to ensure succession in Cameroon. But they want to do it when the time comes for them.

But before getting there, the youth of Mfoundi wanted to say “Thank you” to the President of the Republic. In particular for its action in the framework of the preservation of peace and the safeguarding of the territorial integrity of Cameroon. They praised the skill with which he leads the “Cameroon boat”. Through it, they celebrated the bravery of the defense and security forces who work every day to preserve peace on the national territory. Above all, they wanted to say “Thank you” for the three-year Special Youth Plan now operational that will allow hundreds of thousands of them to enter the productive sector and give the opportunity to other young people to do so. Proud, the students of the universities of Yaoundé 1 and 2 waved the laptops graciously offered by the President of the Republic and whose distribution continues on university campuses across the country. They did not just thank the President of the Republic. In the African tradition, anniversary being synonymous with gifts, they offered to President Paul Biya: two beautiful paintings that were given to the Minister, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, his personal representative. Mr. Biya responded to all this solicitation in a slightly younger way via a social network Twitter which did not leave this youth indifferent.

President Paul Biya feels the same affection, the same esteem for you … I’m sure he will appreciate this exceptional mobilization in his favor … You make the right choice by adopting President Paul Biya as your candidate for the next presidential election … “said, moved, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh who, like the President of the Republic last Saturday, urged his young compatriots to register massively on the electoral lists to exercise their civic duty in the framework of the various elections planned in Cameroon this year. Once again, the President of the Republic wanted to share his birthday cake with his young compatriots who, through his personal representative, received their share. “Strongly next year,” could we hear young people declare in the corridors of the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé.

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