Peculiarities of Investiture Ceremony

The symbolic service rendered to the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces during the oath taking ceremony is pregnant with a lot of meaning.

Emmanuel NGOTA

One of the major highlights of the swearing-in ceremony is in regards to the 101 gunshots fired, which ties with certain military traditions. Today in France, 21 gunshots are executed while in the former regime of 1515-1789, to celebrate the death of the king and the taking of office of the new king, 101 gunshots are performed. It is in 1958 that Charles De Gaulle, with the new republic brings back those 101 gunshots to 21. The birth of a prince is celebrated by the firing of 103 gunshots while in the United Kingdom, the Army fires a cannon every thirteen hours at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, known as the “One O’clock Gun”. That is the reason why a reduced section of honour is placed upon the arrival of the Head of State and on his way out from the National Assembly, the volume of the section of honour increases. All these depicts the brightness and solemnity of one who takes the new supreme magistracy. What should be retained is that, the Head of State president Paul Biya who happens to be the incumbent Head of State, upon arrival at the National Assembly he is treated to military honors

The swearing in ceremony marks the beginning of the supremacy his supremacy. And in this case, he would have always been welcomed with some honors). The most solemn honors are given when the new Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is sworn in and delivers his inaugural address.

In a solemn taking of arms, he inaugurates by this act, his grip on the Defense Forces of which he is the undisputed leader. We understand the place of the military institution, which is the lever of power of the Head of State, to give shape to its missions of defense of national integrity and sovereignty, among others.

The oath taking ceremony will be articulated with the entry of the head of state and president of the republic into the courtyard of the National Assembly and accompaniment by a host of right. From there he will solemnly take an oath with a question to be asked by the competent authority in conformity with section 141 of the electoral code drawn up in 5 originals, while the last part of the program will center on the inaugural address, which will be closely followed return to the unity Palace and wake of military honors accompanied by 101 gunshots, award of attributes and presentation of the constituted corps.

It should be noted that the President of the Republic will be treated to type “D” honors upon his arrival to the National assembly which will comprise of simple military
which will be made up of a battery of the Army Band, a section of the Presidential Guard, a platoon of the National Gendarmerie, 2 sections of the Army, a section of the Air Force, a section of the Navy, a section of the National Firefighters Corps and a section of the National Security. The sections and platoons are made up of 22 men and the troops will be commanded by Colonel Ekwaingen Michael in service at the Army Staff headquarters assisted by Lieutenant-Colonel Zambo Nguema Etienne, staff officer at the Centre Gendarmerie Legion. It should be noted that, the Head of State will be escorted on his arrival by 14 motorcycles of the Presidential Guard and 02 Bell helicopters 412.

Upon his exit after the swearing in, he will received Type “A Honors ” comprising of
Army Band, a Company with four sections of the Presidential Guard, the Squadrons of the National Gendarmerie (one Squadron made up of three platoons), three Army Companies, an Air Force Company a company of the Navy, a Company of the National Firefighters Corps and a Company of the National Security.

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