PM Gives Road Map for 2019

This was presented in the National Assembly by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang.

Cynthia EFOPA

Few weeks after his oath taking, President Paul Biya has prescribed the way forward for the year 2019. His vision for the country is englobe under “Greater Opportunities”, as he readily mentioned during the investiture ceremony. The broad lines of the 2019 government plan of action was read out by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon yang on November 21st 2019 before the parliamentarians in the National Assembly. According to the, economic, financial, social and cultural programme for the 2019 financial year, government must continue the implementation of on-going reforms and fast-track the execution pace of major anchor projects so as to meet the stakes and challenges that awaits Cameroon in 2019.

With regards to territorial governance, government will pursuit and optimize increase monitoring of the political and security situation in the North West and South West Regions and pursuing the implementation of the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan in those two regions, rehabilitate the offices and residences of administrative authorities and sanitizing and updating the list of traditional authorities. In the area of decentralization and local development whose apt implementation is said to be part of solutions to the crises in the North West and South West Regions, Prime Minister Yang said the process will be accelerated as prescribed by the Head of State.  Local collectivities will continue to be empowered. In the energy domain, supply will increase, and access improved.

Housing which remains a problem in urban cities will be tackled. The completion of the construction of 2000 houses built by National Small and Medium–sized Enterprises, construction of 1000 houses under the pilot phase of the project to build 10,000 houses and accelerating the construction works of Cite de Cinquantenaires in Douala and launching the same in Yaounde is in the pipeline.

To preserve the forest and wildlife of Cameroon, government action will be focused on the development and renewal of forest resources, reforestation and regeneration of forest resources; and enhancing the value of timber and non-timber forest resources. In Environment, the fight against desertification, climate change and pollution will intensify.

Agriculture which is the backbone of the economy will also receive particular attention. Productivity and competitiveness of agricultural sectors will be improved, the training of rural stakeholders in new production, processing and marketing technologies through the creation of center of excellence for agricultural sectors, strengthening and developing cooperative movement amongst others.

The plan cuts across all the different ministerial departments while taking into consideration major stakes and challenges to be encountered. Reason the Prime Minister called on all to master the challenges they might face so as to stay in course towards Emergence by 2035.

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