President Biya Recruits 2000 PhD Holders

The information is contained in a Press Release signed by the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon.

Cynthia EFOPA

When President Biya took over from the former Head of State of Cameroon, President Ahidjo, the country had just one State university, the University of Yaounde. It was the only university in Cameroon and as such, it assembled all Cameroonians from the national triangle. The campus was congested and all lecturers were concentrated in this institution.

Since his ascension to the Supreme State Magistracy, President Paul Biya has not relent his efforts in creating more institutions of higher learning. The country has gone full length in creating universities in almost all the regions of the country. Today Cameroon can boast of eight State Universities; 2 in the Center Region, 1 in the Littoral Region, 1 in the South West Region, 1 in the North West Region, 1 in the Far North Region, 1 in the Adamawa Region and 1 in the West Region. The outburst of these state owned universities have enabled government to give opportunities to the ever increasing number of young Cameroonians to school and to be train in diverse domains. The arithmetic growth of the universities however did not move along site with the perennial problem of recruitment of lecturers.

It is against this backdrop that, one week after his swearing-in, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya ordered a special recruitment of 2000 PhD/Doctorate holders as lecturers in Cameroon’s State Universities. The press release stipulates that the recruitment exercise is opened to graduates resident in Cameroon and abroad and it will span for a period of three years. 1000 lecturers will be recruited for the 2019 financial year, 500 in 2020 and another series of 500 in 2021.

The release spelt out that the decision by the Head of State seeks to provide a concrete solution to the pressing need for teaching staff in state universities, especially following the creation in recent years of several new institutions. It is equally motivated by his abiding concern for the growth of higher education, which is an aspect that falls in line with his resolve to keep his promises to the Cameroonian youth at home and abroad.

Throwing more light to the recruitment, the Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo (who has the capacity to implement the directives on the principles, terms and conditions governing the implementation of the presidential decision), said “the recruitment exercise will be done in respect to the various demands of the different departments in State Universities”.

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