President Paul Biya Appoints youths into managerial positions

32 years old Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angoula was appointed as Director of ENAM.

Cynthia EFOPA

During his inaugural speech on November 6th, 2018, the President of the Republic made it clear that he will increase efforts in integrating the youths to pilot the affairs of the state.  “Turning to my young compatriots now, I would like to ask you not to lose hope. I have understood your deep aspiration for change that will open the door to the future and enable your complete personal fulfilment. I have also understood your desire for greater participation in taking decisions that concern the destiny of our country. I will take this into account bearing in mind that tomorrow’s Cameroon will be built with your input”.

December 14th, 2018, President Paul Biya stood by his words by injecting some young Cameroonians into the management of State Affairs. Through a presidential decree, he appointed 32 years old Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angoula as Director of the National Advanced School of Administration and Magistracy ENAM. The young Cameroonian who has more than nine years of working experience with the government counts on the collaboration of senior colleagues to meet up with the objective of perfectly managing the most popular and reputed training school of Administrators and magistrates in Cameroon. Bertrand Soumbou says he is cognizant of the challenges that lies ahead and the heavy responsibility that he shoulders but with his poised, methodic, lucid, and proportionate style of management he will be able to stand up to the task that is expected of him. He is a holder of Master I in Economic and Management Science from the University of Yaounde II and he graduated as a magistrate from the school he now commands. His batch christened “benie” simply translated as “blessed” was integrated into the public service in February 2017, four months after their graduation.

All eyes are now turned on him to see how this young Cameroonian will put together all his talents, mobilized the necessary resources required for objectives to be attained and merge competences in an environment as diverse as Cameroon in a bid to advent himself to move the country forward.

Pierre Soumbou was installed in office on December 17th, 2018 by the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Joseph Le. As it is often said, the builder is judged by his works.

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