President Paul Biya. Connotation of the oath taking Ceremony

All roads lead to the National Assembly as Cameroonians are bracing up to witnessed the investiture of incumbent President Biya, a ceremony that is unique in its genre.

Cynthia EFOPA      

Following the proclamation of the 7th October Presidential polls by the Constitutional Council, the President elect of the Republic of Cameroon, President Paul Biya will be sworn into office. 24 hours to this solemn oath taking ceremony, all eyes and ears are focused on the National Assembly where the grandiose ceremony is to take place.  As President Paul Biya will lift up his right hand and pronounces the words “I do so swear” in front of the National Assembly and before all Cameroonians, the entire nation would have bared witness to this indelible sign which signifies his vows to discharge the important responsibility of paying allegiance to the institutions of the Republic of Cameroon, watch over the common will of the nation, defend its unity and integrity and his personal commitment to serve the Cameroon people for the good of all Cameroonians.

Incumbent President Paul Biya is no new comer to the oath taking ritual. But for sure, the 2018 investiture will be different. Never has the sovereignty, national integrity and the unity of the country be this threatened. Never has the population of Cameroon fiercely fight against one another. And never has the country faces insecurity from these multiple fronts. It is in this context that President Paul Biya will stand before the Cameroon people in pursuance of Section 7 of the Constitution, to ensure the functioning of the institutions of Cameroon and security which is the bedrock for any meaningful development.  For the very first time President Biya, will take over the fresh oath of office in the presence of the National Assembly, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Council which have been progressively put in place to advanced Cameroons democratic process.

November 6th 2018, will enter the annals of history as a very special day. it is not only the day President Paul Biya was sworn-in as the President of Cameroon for another seven-year mandate, but it is also a day that Members of Parliament and Senators met for the very first time in Parliament, this happens to have coincided also with the anniversary of President Biya’s first entry into the Supreme State Magistracy on November 6th 1982. Thirty-two years after, it all sounds like a new commitment to serve the Cameroon people and to bring back the badly needed peace that he has been able to conserve for about four decades.

The swearing-in ceremony will kick start at the National Assembly from 11am to 12pm.The second phase of the event will unfold at the Unity Palace, during which the Presidential couple will offer a banquet from 2pm to 8: 30pm.

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