President Paul Biya Galvanizes Youth

Multiple projects and training programs have been created to enable their integration.

Cynthia EFOPA

There is no country in the world that will not invest its income in the upbringing and training of its youthful population. Because each nation is cognizant of the fact that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. It is in this mind frame that President Paul Biya has often paid attention to train Cameroon youths in various domains. He has made it a duty to always address the youths on the eve of the celebration of the National Youth Day in Cameroon every February 11th. During such addresses he often reminds the green generations to invest their time and energy in hard work, get themselves involved in agriculture and stay clear of delinquent comportment. In his inaugural on November 6th, 2018, President Paul Biya once more speak out his commitment to get more youths in managing the affairs of the state.

Since his ascension to the supreme state magistracy in 1982, the Head of State created an enabling environment in almost all sectors to permit the youthful population to be train in different domains. Today, Cameroon can boast of a series of training schools and universities in almost all the regions of the country. The number of universities have skyrocket from the one state university to eight universities. Talking about agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development in collaboration with partners like the World Bank have been financing agricultural projects by providing high yield seedlings, encouraging competitiveness and training farmers in practicing modern agricultural methods. In the Bakassi zone in the South West Region, some three hundred youths were provided with farmlands and seedlings, so they can set up their own plantations. The International Fund for Agricultural Development has equally left no stone unturned to lend a hand to Cameroon to help transform some 5000 youths into agricultural entrepreneurs by 2021.

Just like many dynamic and industrious youths, Modeste Mopa was appointed on June 14th, 2013 as Head of the Direction of Taxation. His distinguish talents has proven that youths can make it right. More than three times has he gone beyond the target of collecting tax revenue set by government. His achievements are telling of the commitment youths have in moving Cameroon forward. The appointment of 32 years old Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angola as the General Manager of the Advanced School of Administration and Magistracy is another opportunity for youths to show they are ready to take over the command baton.

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