Presidential 2018. CPDM Ntem Valley Strategize Methods To Guarantee Victory For Paul Biya

The people took advantage of the proceedings of the extended conference of the Cameroon people’s Democratic Party in Ambam on September 8 to reassure their natural candidate of their massive plebiscite in the next presidential election in Cameroon.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The extended conference in Ambam took place under the theme: “on the way to the plebiscite of President Paul Biya in the presidential election of October 7”. This no doubt comes to amplify the stakes of this conclave as the people of Ambam pledged to massively vote in favour of Paul Biya.  It was the driving message to be remembered during the assembly as all the sons and daughters of the locality are unanimous on the choice made.

Hyacinthe Mba Mbo, Mayor of the Ambam council who also doubles as President of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Partyof the Ntem Valley I constituency, said that the Ntem Valley is the backbone of CPDM activities and actions, also coupled with the recognition by the people of this locality for the concern showered them by the incumbent president for the elections, Paul Biya in regards to his humanitarian gestures alongside meaningful projects for the benefit of the population. According to Hyacinthe Mba Mbo, with all these the people of the Ntem Valley most especially his constituency have every reason to vote in favor of Paul Biya who created this division and his enormous contribution in the appointments of sons and daughters to important posts of responsibility.

For the populations of the city of Ambam in particular and those of the Ntem Valley Division in general, Paul Biya is not the best risk but rather the best insurance. The activists of the 26 sub-sections of theCameroon People’s Democratic Party, Ntem Valley section 1came out with conviction accompanied by their motions of support to convey a strong message to their unique candidate who is the right person at the right time.

Amongst the sons and daughters of the Ntem Valley who came out in their numbers to pledge their unwavering support to the people’s choice were Cyrille Edou Alo’o and Maitre Emmanuel Mbiam all parliamentarians and full members of the CPDMcentral committee. In unison they called for an exceptional mobilization in view of a massive vote for President Paul Biya.
According to Emmanuel Mbiam, the population have requested an overwhelming plebiscite because it is necessary that the candidate of the CPDM have a landslide victory during the polls.
In the Ntem Valley division, Paul Biya embodies modernity, stability and maturity. A great march for support and thanksgiving to Paul Biya was the last articulation of this massive come together of the sons and daughters of the city of Ambam.

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